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  1. CyberAngel67

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    As I said earlier, is that Windows 10 Xbox Live games, use the Xbox App for sign in. Xbox App, doesn't support more than one user signed in at this point in time. I am trying to get more information for unreal from my brother, who works at Ubisoft.
  2. CyberAngel67

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    FYI Here is the Microsoft documentation on the matter, this indicates Unity, but it is the same information for any Windows 10 game.
  3. CyberAngel67

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    Wildfire? Or do you mean WIldcard support, they are next to useless. Don't need to suck anything up, Microsoft don't have an option to do splitscreen with Xbox Live games and at this stage, there is no ETA from Microsoft as to when or if they will implement it. As an insider preview member who is running their latest build, there is nothing in any of the notes to say it has been implemented and nothing to say when they may implemented it. So suck it up.....
  4. To clarify we are talking about the Windows 10 Version and not the PC version? If so then just change the login for the Xbox App.
  5. CyberAngel67

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    Unless you are registered with Microsoft to develop, you will not get access to the Xbox Live SDK's. So I guess I do have experience in developing Windows 10 games. Have been registered with that level of access for around 2 years now, been a Windows 10 developer for 3 years now and a Windows developer, for about 20 years and used to develop games from the late 80's to the mid 90's and got back into game development about 8 years ago as a hobby.
  6. CyberAngel67

    Win 10 Splitscreen?

    You can't compare non Windows 10 games with Windows 10 games. And Microsoft support is next to useless half the time, they have no clue what they are talking about most of the time. They have basic information to trouble shoot you, with scripts, anything more than that and they are useless. The issue is that this is an Xbox Live game, when someone signs into the computer they are need the Xbox App to use the Xbox Live account to know who is playing. Windows 10, has no way to use a second account on the same account at this point in time. Because you can't run 2 copies of the Xbox App on the sign in. And I am not guessing, I have tried to find a way with the Xbox SDK's and right now there is no way to do it.
  7. CyberAngel67

    Xbox one X 60 FPS?

    I did look at what you wrote, I even quoted it back to you in my reply. You never mentioned 720p, you where talking about 1080p So what is you question, you don't seem to be very coherent with what you where trying to ask.
  8. CyberAngel67

    Xbox one X 60 FPS?

    The PS4 Pro doesn't get more FPS and from what I recall, the X has all the extra effects that the normal Xbox and Pro/non Pro don't get. I have never seen a Pro run at 30fps at 1080p, where the X gets way higher than that with better detail and effects.
  9. Most recently, I have switched to a new plan. At a certain time of day, I pull the Ark server down every day. It allows for my maintenance window, where I also update the Ark Server if need be and any mods and reboot the machine, so that any updates that Windows has is also applied. Down time for me is usually at most 30mins. I also make sure the active hours for Windows doesn't include that 30 mins, so I can force any reboots to when I want them.
  10. Wrong, I said reschedule the reboot, Windows 10 Home will not reboot without you telling it too. I have delayed reboots up to a month down the track. Yes it is a pain, to reschedule it all the time, but it works. And as you said Reboots can only be scheduled on the Pro Edition, I clearly said that is not true. You 100% can, been doing it every since Windows 10 first dropped 3 years ago. When I need to pull Ark down, is the time I do a complete reboot for Windows allowing it to do the update then. BTW, that article has nothing to do with actually scheduling an update reboot. You just need to set the option to say show me a reminder when you are going to restart, it will usually be hours in advance to when it will, which you will then get an option to reschedule. I know this for fact, because I do it on my Windows 10 home Edition. You can google it and find hundreds of articles how to do it as well.
  11. Windows 10 updates can be scheduled, regardless if it is the Home Edition or Pro. I have two devices, the main PC is running Windows 10 Home and the Tablet is running Windows 10 Pro (latest Insider Preview) and I am able to schedule the time to that the updates get applied on both systems.
  12. What I am saying there is that the error occurs more than what people think it does, just that there are other factors that could be forcing it to crash, rather than be able to continue playing. In the very, very, very early days when the environment FX, was very little. There where areas that would crash the game, if you span around to fast. For example flying on any bird and just look around very fast would also trigger a crash. Not this crash, but it might be that you are experiencing this forcing the D3D being lost.
  13. Single Player was where I first discovered it, the point I was trying to make is that it is not always the same time that it happens. I got play a session, log in and and the moment I turned around it would crash with this error. Other times I could log in and sit in the on spot for 20 mins and then it would crash with this error. But the one thing I always noticed, was a n extremely huge spike in FPS. I mean from 30fps, to almost 2fps before it would crash. I now have a GTX 1080ti, have had it for 8 months almost and I have only crashed around 3 times with this error. But if you look in the event logs (Windows) there are hundreds and thousands of this error.
  14. As I said in my comment before, it doesn't always happen and I have setup a private server here with all the maps. Including about 5 more that I like from mods. So far between them all I have 4 Characters and it happens on every map with all 4 characters. It is 100% a GPU issue with the Client.
  15. This error doesn't make any difference where the server is run, whether it is using the same maps or not. It is a GPU issue and that makes it a client issue. When I had my GTX760, I would get this error sometimes every 10mins and then there could be times where I could go days without getting it. But the one thing I noticed when I did get, which I was actually the first person to report this in another thread. Just this thread become the popular one. But when I did first report it, there was always a significant drop in FPS. Sometimes it would crash, sometimes it did not. And we are coming up to nearly 10 months now since I reported it. The thing I can't understand, is why Wildcard don't scale the effects back some what, it was obvious that the update at that time was the beginning of this issue and they could have looked at what they added and scaled back on what they did.