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  1. That is a completely different error to what was originally posted.
  2. Then you were getting a completely different error then.
  3. I don't think there is any in the Boss fight on Genesis 2?
  4. Yep, and the server I play on the Admins are like, nah we'll just wait and we'll see. In the meantime, your tame you were half way through taming and babies you had been trying to raise are dead. Lucky the Dedicated servers can be rolled back, but its not a good look for Nitrado. And the one time the Admins did ring Nitrado, the support was we didn't know about the update. Really! Wildcard must have bought Nitrado out or something, as they seem to be pulling a Wildcard!
  5. Don't know what has been going on with Nitrado for the last few months, but they seem to take anywhere between 8 hours to 4 days before they update the game.
  6. Did Wildcard change this then? Because I am farming the asteroids that I have always gone to since release!
  7. I checked a lot of them. Ones I had farmed on release, no longer has them.
  8. Have even seen this happen on The Island after Ascension.
  9. Did you even contemplate that when I said: "its not event rates" That maybe I was agreeing with you! Look its obvious you're on an agenda to be rude, so good luck!
  10. Exactly, we have enough of a headache finishing the job, than have to worry about causing more headaches.
  11. I'll repeat myself one last time, I never said it had anything to do with event rates. What I said was there was two times, that's right on two occasions Wildcard increased the base rates. That means rates that are before event rates take affect!
  12. Obviously making money selling dinos.
  13. From memory Ark Smart Breeding will allow you to manipulate the values past the max breeding on official servers, you can change these settings in the settings to what the max level is, but I am not sure if this stops you going past the official max level. I could be wrong though, as it has been awhile since I have used ASB.
  14. It is not event rates. Ark has twice now, increased the base rates in the core. Perhaps you should have read that article a little more carefully!
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