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  1. What's the rates on it please? I am looking for a new server now to be honest, somewhere relaxed with high rates and quick taming ?? I've done my days of grinding
  2. Yeah the server has reached its limit, I've got about 5 tames, that's why I'm confused when I kill tames surely it should free up some space to tame again? Ah I'll try that antsee cheers
  3. Hi, so I have recently joined a server and about a week into playing realised it's reached its tame cap, it's a pc session server and I don't know who the admin is, there are only a hand full of people who play on the server and they don't know the admin either, so I took it into my own hands and the last 2 days have killed about 20-30 tames and still the same thing comes up that the server has reached its tame cap! Any idea what I could do? Thanks
  4. What are the stats on this server going to be please, seems like a well thought out server I'd definitely be interested in joining
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