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  1. On the livestream will there be a Q&A for the Nintendo switch version?
  2. He is 100% trolling, he's hung up on a time that wasn't even mentioned for the UK. Figure out he was trolling 2 pages ago
  3. 34 minutes from now for everyone.. at least it's supposed to be but we still have no community crunch so thats a little worrisome console players is in 5 hours 34 minutes?
  4. ARK: Survival Evolved @survivetheark · 22s 5th Anniversary Event starts tomorrow! PC: 11am EDT Console: 4pm EDT Tropeognathus will also be available on all platforms and the stunning Crystal Isles will drop along with the event on PC at 11am EDT. Stay posted for the Community Crunch in the morning for more info!
  5. Cedric @ComplexMinded Tomorrow it begins. The community crunch won't go out until tomorrow morning but it will entail all the details. Getting the details the day of is a pity, I know, but those are the cards we have. We're all prepping and excited for a pretty incredible milestone. 12:52 PM · Jun 10, 2020·Twitter Web App
  6. There has been talk about it, the talk is, that they arent talking about it, but the community crunch will be released tomorrow morning at some time... go to twitter and follow @complexminded. That is WC community manager and he posts info when he is able to... but sadly we wont know full details until tomorrow sometime before it all goes live...
  7. On twitter Dollie one of the managers said that the menu update accidentally went out on the windows 10 versions and basically broke the windows 10 versions if you updated, if you uninstall and reinstall the game it should work, otherwise have to wait a day or so for the fix to undo the updates goes through.... so if you have decent internet connection i would just uninstall and reinstall the entire game
  8. you have to kill them all off, they aren't spawning new ones, but everything before event stays until killed off.
  9. lol did you even read the community crunch?? it literally says 4x /facepalm
  10. PVE official server NA 717 desperately needs a server restart. very little wild dinos have spawned since Saturday afternoon.
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