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  1. aknarts

    Linux Bug Reports

    I cannot enter the servers I host, which is ridiculous:D. Luckily got other admins to take care of them in the mean time.
  2. aknarts

    Linux Bug Reports

    Based on the track record, next week.
  3. aknarts

    Linux v275.0 missing

    So once again, big patch comes around and Linux patch is nowhere to be seen, any ETA?
  4. aknarts

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!

    Private server Map name? It is not Aberration
  5. You are serious about this? In a way you say reinstall the server binaries from scratch. I am sorry but this is the most ****** way to do this. Previously the events were pain because of disappearing items which people worked hard for, but at least the event ended with normal update. Just saying that this might not be an option for a lot of server providers will not be able to do this.
  6. So some investigation later on our private servers, the lag does seem to correspond with the Auto save period of the server. One CPU core(one out of 8) does spike to 100% and that kills the server for some reason. This does seem to appear only on Ragnarok.
  7. aknarts

    Linux Bug Reports

    Yeap, from what I gathered there are some textures missing on the Windows version too, guess it will be fixed when they open the rest of the map(yeah right:D)...
  8. aknarts

    259 No Linux Patch

    Patch is now up and running, everything seems to be "ok"
  9. aknarts

    259 No Linux Patch

    So where is the patch for Linux, I sort of cannot help people on my servers if I cannot log in:). Verified game cache, nothing helped.
  10. aknarts

    Ragnarok Not Available on Linux or Mac

    Still has some issues, missing textures on parts of the map (after teleporting to 50 50 which for some reason is outside of the map, it is most visible there)
  11. aknarts

    Ragnarok Not Available on Linux or Mac

    Well it usually means that the build was not uploaded for those platforms so yes WC needs to fix this or we are in the wrong place. In the mean time everybody is happy as long as they game on Windows, claiming all the spots and spoiling all the fun :D.
  12. aknarts

    Ragnarok Not Available on Linux or Mac

    Well I can now get into the game. The DLC still not in the list to be downloaded, but this is how it looks now.
  13. aknarts

    Ragnarok Not Available on Linux or Mac

    You still probably subscribed to the mod, that is why it was downloaded to the mod folder. I remember similar issues when Center transitioned from mod to official map.
  14. aknarts

    Ragnarok Not Available on Linux or Mac

    Updated the title to more represent the issue both for Linux and Mac.
  15. So I was able to launch a server no problem on Linux, but for some reason Steam does not show the Ragnarok for download for some reason even though I do have the DLC in my library, what is up with that? Tried verifying the game cache, I am tempted to just reinstall the game, but pretty sure that would not help. Tried uninstalling too, no change, also different machine with different account the same result.