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  1. K thanks for that information. GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Ohhh okay. i keep my server basically vanilla 5x so i dont change to many things. Btw are you even able to launch your windows 10 play anywhere at the moment?? Mine keeps crashing after the chronicles 2 update today.
  3. You actually can access the config files for your server as long as your hosting the server on the windows 10 xbox cross play version. With access to these config files you can do everything a Nitrado Server can like custom drops.
  4. V0lumeZer0

    pvp Ragnarok 5x

    Ragnarok 5x pvp xbox server 24/7. Friendly admins. Basically vanilla with 5x and really boosted breeding. Admins do not cheat and can be raided. Starters at blue ob!! Basically fresh server. Need to populate server so make an LFG when you join and invite your friends and build up. MSG V0lumeZer0 on xbox. Add the profile ArkServer2257 as a friend to join the server.