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  1. Today...built a separate little stables, sorted by the feeding type of the dinos.

    Went to the Scar , on SE . Cleaned up all the eggs people drop, not knowing it prevents spawn of the new ones. 

    Hopefully after cleaning the wyvern nests as well i ll manage to stumble upon an event ones. 

    Even if you observe the parents, and get their egg, it could turn out not event one. So wish me luck i am hatching em later today. 

    Will post results later.


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  2. 9 hours ago, AngrySaltire said:

    Not much today. Quickly jumped on to check out the new update and to take my new fire wyvern out for a spin. Saw a drop dead gorgeous blue rex and a blue allo, just a pity they were such low levels. Might need to start hunting for otters again to get a nice blue one and maybe even strike lucky for the dream blue fire wyvern. Pity we only have a week of these colours.

    Jerboas on offical SE . I got an amazing dark blue / purple one. It does not matter i already have a real mutation. Just could not help myself. 

    Also  blue wys, purple wys and black wys are gonna be a thing now.

    Pity i missed the x mas event wyverns hunts. I still can not find anyone willing to sell me a red fire wyvern. I want one, badly. 

  3. Lets see... fed two servers, went to Island, to get some stones and make some walls

    . Neon Deo called Neo, got under ground, got bugged, disappeared under map and died. 

    Got on SE, downloaded dinos, since i wanted an imprinted giga to me, there was a reroll, lost a cyan Giga  to a reroll .

    Lost a pink therazino, mutated , to the same reroll.

    And an event therazino , neon - red level 150 to the same reroll.

    All in all. .It has been a productive day. XD Maybe the game is telling me something.. 

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