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  1. This is a setting for single player bug. When two players use the same xbox the settings for single player will be changed among each other. It will be nice if player 1 changed the settings it wouldn't change for player 2 I recently moved from SE to the center. While uploading my dinos my parasaur was deleted and didn't spawn. I also can't go to the center now because it's locked, if you could redo this and give us a day or two to move then that will be great. All my dinos and items are now stuck there but I don't want to use the cheat as now I have a goal to do. Single players need more goals and quests to do.. NPC humans fighting among single player users could create a pvp experience. Just the two bugs I have.
  2. That's the one thing I don't miss. haha. I planned to hatch a ptera the next day once it was about 5%. Sadly I wasn't paying attention and right when I got back it hatched.. Had to stay up til 3am and wake up at 6am,9am, etc throughout the night/day. Imprinting haha. 3 weeks later it was killed by server hoppers.. Then our base got wiped the next day by a new tribe. I logged on and my raft had a gap in it and my bird was gone. Somehow I lived but I kept my stuff on my favorite bird, rip.
  3. Never whistle passive and leave your dinos on passive.. Always sucks to lose your favorite tame.. Happened to me on official pvp and why I stopped.. Level 275 pteranadon, level 190 with 640 damage, and 3 others.. Troll tribe and then another tribe the next day finished us.
  4. Hopefully it will fix it for me too... I had this issue since day one and this getting fixed would be the best update haha. (For me, other updates are great too!)
  5. This is my number one problem with ark! (happened since day one) For some reason the black controllers can't type on ark for some odd reason? Wire controllers work. + To use my black controllers I will need to sign into another account with a wire controller. Bought a new black controller to find out it didn't work. (Still kept it since why not, wish I had it colored now though haha) @Jat
  6. Can xbox players keep all holiday building objects instead of disappearing? Adds more things to build on ark besides primitive + I miss my festive pumpkins.
  7. Thanks! For the diggest could there be a option to delete maps instead of deleting data? Also fix the text typing on the xbox one with black controllers? This may sound odd but I have to use another controller that is signed in to another account (controller has to be different like blue wired) I would love to see this get fixed
  8. Please make a option to delete single player maps! Xbox one Fix the texting too, I can't text on my black xbox controller so I have to sign into another account using another blue wired controller
  9. I love ark but I can't deal with the disappointment every Friday or update.
  10. Ah that's disappointing. Seems like every update they do this.
  11. Who else felt excited but after watching the video you stubble across "sorry we can't again(10th or so time)" Delaying the xbox updates or cancelling it over and over again is what makes a game die out. >>>Is the 3 new dinos/generated maps coming out today? (was looking forward to this more than the holiday event)
  12. Really Enjoying the new map! By the way, could there be a option on turning off/on harvesting certain resources? It's hard to fight and trying to run when you find out your stuck.
  13. Single player splitscreen is very broken, please read this for once.. Crouching and getting stuck in the ground [new map] The new jerbo? You can't see it when it's on you(you need to orbit cam) not being able to type/text/renaming because a black controller (you need to log on to another account with another controller??? Hasn't been fixed) When second player goes in water it will show up for first player(the ocean shine) Going under water in the new map is broken(a blue screen) Everything else is great! Really loving the game!
  14. Probably a desert biome since the center creator is doing big center updates
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