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  1. imo if they even consider buffing the old dinos of the game (like Quetz) will be already fresh enough... Most original dinos are completely useless at this point of time
  2. Quetz speed especially in PvE... They completely useless since skiff release. Would be nice if they add something like tropeo saddle and cost element to boost so at least they are usable again...
  3. Let me cut straight to the point... Everyone can afford a skiff in the current state of the game, especially with the popularity of Gen 2 right now and easy access to element. Most official servers are capped out and saying "There are too many Creatures with platform Structures on this ARK!" and chances are, your newly crafted skiff is nothing but a vehicle that takes you from point A to point B as fast as possible. Although I don't know how much performance impact platform structure has to servers' performance, but I doubt that is the case when Officials lag already got notorious player
  4. I agree that PvE balancing should be different from PvE... But like how should that be done is uncertain. And the flyer nerf is needed not only it is b/c the game is better when flyers have fixed movement speed but also 1 less waste attribute for breeders to worry about. Speaking of flyers, most flyers especially Quetz are completely obsolete at this point especially in PvE when there is hover skiff in the game with easy element source in Gen 2...
  5. I'm so glad that they patched that today!!! Stryder no longer count towards creature platform count!!!
  6. Most Gen 2 officials are suffering from this. Hope this issue gets raised popular enough and they probably move the cap somewhere else or remove it entirely. Can't place anything on your new skiff really sucks especially when you never had one before.
  7. This is on PC by the way I don't know why this is place in Xbox forums
  8. Apparently on many official Gen 2 servers, you can't place anything on any existing or new creature platform anymore as the game would just inform you this. As every Tek Stryder has a platform saddle, it is not hard to see why this limit exist. However, not able to place anything on your newly crafted skiff really sucks. Hope this limit gets removed because it is very outdated. Or maybe this limit was there because building on platforms hurt server performance. Any thoughts on this topic?
  9. Having the same issue on PC too don't know if it's intentional
  10. Take the time you need but keep in mind there longer the wait time, the more perfect we expect this to be.
  11. I'd wait for final product. Hope you guys deliver well and smoothly this time.
  12. I play on official servers. My game gets random stutter for tens of seconds long right now after the last patch. This has become a pattern whenever there is an update drop. Otherwise, the game runs smoothly with absolutely no problem at all. I did resolve the stutter last time by reinstalling Windows completely. But who tf is doing that every time there is an update to the game
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