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  1. Mark172 This trip-alarm broken. Im use trip-alarm a long time, at now this not work.
  2. flying FOB up, and zero damage paracer go go go
  3. Tuhakiro


    You need railgun, parasaur and internal turrets on platforms (don't place turrets on ground, and don't place platforms on cave walls, lookup mesh in center of cave and place platform with turrets) and you need aggressive megas and 24/7 online. And you can survive a 15 min - 1 hour long Ticket system useless, only megatribes have a direct access to devs. And yes, if you can record a video where meshers come. And flood this video everywhere
  4. You not full understand how to DDoS works. Example: Victim have a 10 megabit channel. Attacker have a 100 megabit channel. Attacker send flood packets to Victim PC, Victim PC can't connect to anything, because Victim channel fully loaded. It's very simple example how to DDoS works. And captcha can't help. You can read about DDoS here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack Another example about mitigation, server have front firewall, and server after firewall. Example survivetheark.com have a front firewall (cloudflare), they enable poop "HOLD ONTO YOUR DINOS... WE'RE CHECKING FOR SWAMP FEVER!". DDoS'ers and spammers, go to profile page and upload image by URL and get IP address bypassing the firewall, and can direct SPAM and DDos forum If network not configured properly, attackers can bypass firewalls.
  5. You can't fix a DDoS. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack) Guys in megatribes buying DDoS to prevent wipe bases and keep them.
  6. Its sad Yesterday, 1 man try meshing me, but no luck, he die... Reporting usless. Im report many times about mesh, and my base wiped 2 times. Now im play to ARK: Titan Taming Simulator and ARK: Managarmr Simulator. Farm week for defence, and loose all for 15 min Its ARK. Im kill 30+ titans, and wiped... At now any base where titans can come useless, my live like a cave rat, but guys can't wipe me in cave, they use undermesh
  7. Okay I know whats new: 1. New meshing evolved with nice new S+, now you can build more awesome bases under mesh, and raid enemy bases undermesh with more fun. New type of bases - flying. 2. New awesome dupe glitches, ARK: Dupe Evolved. 3. New griefing strategy with s+ like a aberrant platforms. Just place, and your enemy can't build on its own base. 4. New defence types, place & stack 1000 structures in one point, and troll your enemy. And last: Zero bug fixes, and full ignoring of reports
  8. Throw tons of karbonemis with good saddle. And use tek riffle.
  9. All tickets and private messages are deleted because they no have a space on hosting i think lol. And why forum? Why not use helpdesks...
  10. Hi, any one have issues with notifications? Notifications are no longer sent to me.
  11. Hi, you wiped because you come to server without permission. Before you start building, you should have asked for permission from a alphas. Do not listen to what they write here. All of this nonsense. ARK is political game first, grind and war 2nd. Steps to survive: 1. Ask alphas for life permission. 2. Aberration good, you survive much longer 3 days - 1 week. Insted of island 1h - 2 days. 3. See the 1. In any case, you will be destroyed by random griefers. If you no have 24/7 online you no have a chance to survive, on official PVP servers. If you need advice, ask. No paranoid, they wiped because not ask permission, or just for fun. Bobs are not dangerous for alphas. If they do not learn to communicate, it will be everywhere. Random griefers find you too, zero chance to hide.
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