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  1. Honestly a friend of mine and myself both have nitrado accounts and both own servers same cluster I'd and crossark and allow none aberration dinos on aberration have the little check Mark's that's all and then the not to allow outside server downloads. But we are not able to download our surviors between servers on cluster and we can find the other server inside the obi. But cant download anything not even dinos uploaded to obi. If you can help would be great, my psn is goon_justgoon.
  2. Hey can you have your admin send me a message if they are running on nitrado and actually can get they players survivors, dinos, and items to transfer between maps inside same cluster, please and thank you my psn is goon_justgoon if they need to message there it's fine also
  3. Hey sorry for being a pain, but I have searched all over the place for the answers I'm looking for and cant seem to really find them. Me and a friend are trying set up a 30x cluster between 3 maps where every level you get enough points to learn all engrams, and certain stat points to go like crazy like wieght when points added, but wanna get max Wild dinos to like lvls of 600+, and modify they stats also. 2 servers are on gportal and another on nitrado. But also to where like your platformed dinos can have bases built onto them, like a mosa or a quetzal. Honestly in my opinion I wanna take Br
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