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    we had a more beautiful picture, having a strong defense and base, we defended ourselves from 4 tribes at once, who live on other servers, and just came to our server and started attacking one by one. After 4 hours of defense, we were taken out just a number. and now having 100 lvl develops where there is no possibility, alpha comes and immediately demolishes. Unite the small tribes into clusters, and open the cluster immediately, it will be more interesting to play from the beginning, better so than the permanent loss of online and server for 4000 days
  2. Will the new servers be small tribes? and whether new servers will be opened for those who did not have time to start on existing ones.
  3. RoHallIc

    Lets talk about small tribe servers

    Friends you are wrong. already the servers are dead, and you do not just need to unite everything in the cluster .... but also open new clusters. 1Seychas servers that live 900 days, just carry animals and dyno for their FRIENDS to the server only opened ... stupid because it's people who kill newbies. 2 An example, 2 days ago 4 tribas came to us on the server, and they attacked us seven by turns, 7 hours of defense in a row ... In this, they just took the number, and the fact that they have a lot of resources on other servers.
  4. Will they open more servers? Small tribes, after merging into clusters, and when will it