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  1. The presents were the most toxic part of ARK, it’s kind of a disrespectful thing to see someone waiting for a present and then just pull up and try to race them for the present. I understand it’s technically like regular loot drops, but that doesn’t take away from how toxic they are and how much people get in fights over them. Just stating they are a free-for-all isn’t good enough. It’s just pure respect/disrespectful IMO
  2. What happened to the quality of life improvements list that was promised a few weeks ago?
  3. So cryopods will reset the ready to breed timer of your female dinos. How does this make sense for an item that is supposed to help with the tame cap? So for someone who has a bunch of unmutated female dinos for breeding, you must bring your dinos out of cryo around ~24 hours before you want to breed them.(if you get the higher end breeding timer, just cryo the dino and throw it back out and it will randomly change to something else until you get the lower end to reduce the time between breeding.) It just makes more sense the leave them out of cryo and take up tame slots so i dont have to wait the timer to breed them.
  4. @Jen How about addressing the server crashes on PC, on Thursday you were a few hours to fixing it. That was 5 days ago....
  5. This is gonna be fun. Tek Cave is bad enough even with Creative
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