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  1. I did it and I'm pretty sure it worked. I went back to my char that wasn't able to transfer, she was still there on Aberration but naked. However the 2 sets of armor it gave me were still in my chest so I grabbed one set and put it on and tried to transfer on my transmitter and after waiting for the timer to be up on the armor it sent me where I wanted to go. Thank you so much for responding so quickly and helping me resolve this issue.
  2. That sounds dangerous but earlier I transferred from Valguero to Aberration and when I got there I had 2 extra sets of my armor in my inventory. That was strange. I do not want to delete my char in fear that I won't have any char left. It's happened before.
  3. Transmitters aren't working Tried multiple times to use the transmitter and it did nothing. Any idea when this will be fixed? I have things on other servers that I need to attend to and no way to get there.
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