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  1. I did it and I'm pretty sure it worked. I went back to my char that wasn't able to transfer, she was still there on Aberration but naked. However the 2 sets of armor it gave me were still in my chest so I grabbed one set and put it on and tried to transfer on my transmitter and after waiting for the timer to be up on the armor it sent me where I wanted to go. Thank you so much for responding so quickly and helping me resolve this issue.
  2. That sounds dangerous but earlier I transferred from Valguero to Aberration and when I got there I had 2 extra sets of my armor in my inventory. That was strange. I do not want to delete my char in fear that I won't have any char left. It's happened before.
  3. Transmitters aren't working Tried multiple times to use the transmitter and it did nothing. Any idea when this will be fixed? I have things on other servers that I need to attend to and no way to get there.
  4. Shinehorns escaping enclosed glass house So I make this awesome enclosed glass house and put about 9 shinehorns in there . The males on wander, the F standing. There are benches around it so ppl can look and watch them hop around and be cute. Then BOOM, they either get buried in a foundation or escape and die. Is Wander broken? How could they escape an enclosed round structure? I'll tell ya how..Ark, the broke game. The game that is so much fun but the DEV's won't fix it. They are too busy adding more broke dinos and more broke maps. Enjoy Ark.
  5. Right send in bug reports cause we all know how much WC cares about fixing bugs. Why I'm sure they won't get a wink of sleep until this issue is resolved. NOT
  6. I'm thinking it's the long lag freezes we're getting. I know they are working to fix it but until they do I guess painting is not on the schedule.
  7. Anyone else having issues trying to use arkpaint.com or arktemplate.com ? Use to use those all the time with no issues now it times me out and kickes me. If u have any suggestions how to fix this I would love to hear them.
  8. Where do we find the new recipes to actually make the kibble? The old ones are not producing any.
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