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  1. Let me start by saying I run my own xbox server and have been playing Prim + for awhile now, and love it (w/ no flying saddles). I'm all for any direction that makes maintaining the codebase easier for the devs, which in theory would mean more frequent updates to Prim + (as there would be less rework needed). The only thing I ask is some sort of option on the server panel under the engram tab where I can bulk disable 'families' of engrams. i.e. Have the following options available: ('Reset all engrams', 'No Tek', 'Prim + Only', 'No Flyers', 'Original' etc) And as long as were making a wish list, replace the all the soups with the food items from Prim +. I.e. If I want to resist the cold (Calien soup) I need to brew beer. Pizza for stamina? Bacon for damage buff? etc. Right now there's little reason for me to mess with the food. And if we're really going crazy, then maybe turn the engram system into more of a skill tree system like in Atlas. Oh and if it's below 32F temp outside, food spoiling is reduced, because come-on... if I'm freezing to death, this prime meat is definitely NOT spoiling, maybe getting freezer burn, but not spoiling. For that matter on Scorched earth, when it's +150F outside all cooking fires should cook meat faster, and meat inside inventory should spoil faster.
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