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  1. To any of the Studio Wildcard team this might reach, I stand with your reasoning for postponing this celebration. There are more important things happening in this world that shouldn't be overshadowed by a video game event. Disregarding all the haters in the comments, good on you guys for making the right choice! I hope all you and yours are staying safe! #PositiveVibes #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter
  2. Yes, they have had some difficulty with the last few patches that sets things back, including the release of Genesis. That doesn't mean they can't learn from it. If the Devs believe that the DLC is too buggy to be released in its current state, then I can trust their judgement.
  3. I know you ARK Devs get a lot of backlash when you have to delay the launch of another DLC, but if that means that we get a less buggy release AND simultaneous launch on all systems, I believe that it is worth it. Did we foresee another delay coming after the silence about Genesis this month, yes. But this doesn't mean we should tear apart these devs all over social media. At the end of the day, they've made a great game that we can all play and enjoy. Moreover, nobody wants to see more delays in the future. Not the players, and not the devs either. But things pop up, something goes wrong, other events outside of Genesis get in the way. That happens to everybody. I just hope that we can expect more accurate release dates beforehand when going into the launch of DLCs. And when things are going awry, I hope we can get the delay notice sooner rather than later, because then at least we're not so close to the release date with so much hype just for it to be yanked back even further. A message to the Devs, thanks for making such a great game and putting so much work into it. I'm sorry that you guys constantly have to deal with backlash from this kind of stuff, but we all love this game and the community built up around it. May we all hope for a great Genesis launch in February and more success with this stuff in the future. Thank you!
  4. The amount of work it would take to include events for every holiday for every country would be absurd. The reason that they have done it for an american holiday is that Wildcard is an American Company. Maybe, they'll include more holidays from more countries in the future. Until then, let's chill out and not get upset that they have just released free skins and emotes.
  5. Is there a list somewhere for what category each egg goes to?
  6. Why did you make stairs a separate item if you can make them look like ramps? In my opinion, you should've just given the ramps the swappable variant to stairs like the S+ ones.
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