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  1. Ark Visionaries looking for a server to unleash your creativity? tired of over-crowded servers with nonstop lag and chat drama? join ark visionaries! small server with big creativity! ark visionaries is a highly boosted and modded ragnarok server. we have all ease of life mods you could possibly want, high lvl dinos available for taming and breeding, easy element crafting, and eco decoration mods. for the time being, A.V. only has ten player slots. first come first serve. once the server gains more popularity, admin CursedVixen will add slots as needed. the server is complete with twenty-two mods to ease the grind for materials, boosted crafting speeds, harvest amounts, and breeding timers. this discord link only allows 10 uses - only click if you plan on joining the server! for more info on ark visionaries and the direct connect link, visit our nitrado server page here mod list(search the number in steam's workshop & subscribe): 515417479,895711211,731604991,708257555,928102085,764755314,812655342,1213453992,774762563,793605978,779897534,670764308,880871931,702828089,741203089,640035309,1445395055,1380777369,916807417,942185438,601055156
  2. I'm new to public servers so I'm going to attempt to join! edit: How do I get on the server? Does someone invite me, or something like that? Sorry for being a bother!
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