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  1. Summer is coming to an end, and we continue to keep our listings up-to-date. Now we have add 6 new hostings for the ARK: Survival Evolved. Including a few ones located at southernmost country of the African continent, а South Africa. At the same time, most of them offers a trial period, so you will be able to use the gamehosting for 1-2 days without paying even a pence. So if you're planning to run your ARK: Survival Evolved game server, now is the time All links to hosting lists you can find a little earlier in this topic, they are still the same.
  2. Hi there! We've updated the list of promo codes today to make game hosting cheaper for you. Expired codes are removed, new ones are added. Some hoster are so generous to discount 50% for their services. The full list of ARK: Survival Evolved game hosting discount codes is available at the https://ark.goodgameservers.com/en/promo-codes-ark-server-hosting If you suddenly have any promo code that is not listed here, please let us know about either in comments or in private messages. We'll publish it so everybody can save funds.
  3. Sorry for a late answer. Yes, it works; so you can add your game server to the list. Possibly you (or your hoster) have set up the non-standard QUERY PORT, you should fill it correctly. If it does not work out please write us through the site contact form or in private messages.
  4. Hi there! We don't buy/sell servers and even have no one paid feature for those who publish game servers or game hostings at GoodGameServers. The server listing is sorted by addition date and has no any "user rating", so your assumption of inadequate promotion of low quality server looks strange. Maybe you saw some other site? We wish to create a high quality and independent game server list and working hard to implement it. There is a very simple registration process, you don't need to confirm email or something. Just post your server info and it'll be published. To ARKServerHosting Please check the e-mail. Your hosting should be published soon. Thank you!
  5. Invite more players to your game server. Just fill simple form at https://ark.goodgameservers.com/en/gameservers/add and it will be published
  6. Also we added the new site section, allowing you to promote your PC/xbox/PS4 Ark: Survival Evolved game server - if you wish to get more players. It's free, just fill in the simple form and that is all. https://ark.goodgameservers.com/en/gameservers/add
  7. Propose your Ark survival game server to goodgameservers.com and other corresponding catalogues to get more players.
  8. Invite additional Xbox players to your ARK: Survival Evolved game server, the only thing you have to do is submit it to suitable sites.
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