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  1. My favorite dino was a raptor named Arwen. I pumped only speed into her, and she was the fastest in my pack. She was even a rival of my ptera. One day I tamed a sarco with my argy, once i finished, I brought it through the swamp back to base. Then suddenly, a therizino attacked my sarco, I dove in on my melee pumped argy and got it down to 160 hp, my argy got to half health and my poor newly tamed sarco got killed by a titanaboa. I killed the therizino and flew too close to the ground to kill the titanaboa, then suddenly a kaprosuchus lunged out of the water, and pulled me off my b
  2. Umm it doesnt seem to be working for me. When i set it to alt 1, i just jump. When i set it to alt 2, my pachy doesnt do anything
  3. that sucks, well. We just have to hope that they will add a button for it instead of having to hold or swipe
  4. Yeah, we need some sort of wiki for mobile. I’ve searched on the Ark Wikipedia and have only found the charge controls for pc and console.
  5. Hello, I have a level 42 pachy with a journeyman saddle, I know how to run with it, basic attacks, but I cant figure out the charge function. Apparently it is the reason why most people get pachys, but without it, it is basically useless (not mentioning the damage reduction to head damage and torpor inducing attacks) does anyone know how to activate this on mobile?
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