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  1. NZ/AU Spitfire Cluster PvPvE Ragnarok/Aberation/Extinction/Island/Valguero NZ/AU Cluster currently running 5 servers Ragnarok Extinction Aberation Island Valguero PvPvE with Offline Raid protection - 1 Hour Cooldown for this to kick in We have Discord which features: -Active Admin -Cross Server Chat -Chat to any server without being in game -Own private tribe channels, -Tribe Logs can be sent to channels Server Rules can be found on Discord Rates and Info XP: 1.5 Gather: 2x Tame: 5x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.5 Egg hatch: 7x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Boosted Rate Events Mods Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus Discord https://discord.gg/cpPpeV2 Server Details Server 1 - Ragnarok: Spitfire Ragnarok 5xT 2xG 1.5XP Server 2 - Aberration: Spitfire Aberration 5xT 2xG 1.5XP Server 3 - Extinction: Spitfire Extinction 5xT 2xG 1.5XP Server 4 - Island: Spitfire Island 5xT 2xG 1.5XP Server 5 - Valguero: Spitfire Valguero 5xT 2xG 1.5XP
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