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  1. so since breeding 'super' dino's depends on having good parents with high bonus levels i was wondering what the max bonus level is a dino can have when its 150.
  2. whydoyoudie

    Arthropluera can't get out upper south cave

    thank you all for replying, however all the methods suggested don't work, i'm to deep inside the cave to grab it with another dino, also the cave drops don't allow you to upload a dino, i'm playing on pve and we are unable to build inside caves.
  3. whydoyoudie

    Arthropluera can't get out upper south cave

    Anyone else?
  4. Hey guys i just tamed an Arthropluera a little inside of the cave yet, i can't get it out of a tunnel, it will always go to the ceiling and get stuck even when i ride it i can't fit through, making the dino follow me doesn't change anything, does someone know how to fix this? i'm playing on official PVE server Best regards Nick