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  1. Kamal

    Giga pursuit

    Multiplayer, and I think both SP and MP have same level requirement for pursuit
  2. Kamal

    Giga pursuit

    I got this hunt pursuit at level 93
  3. Kamal

    So when are these guys getting banned

    I had this problem too, 2 dilos killing my 2 quetz with platform on it. I put my quetz on top of my building, covered with behemoth gate. I don’t even know how Dilo able to attack it. Maybe they spawn on top of my building right beside my 2 quetz? Idk anyway, can’t report this since I have no proof of anyone dropped it. And nothing devs can do about it. So I just moved on lol
  4. Kamal

    Too many structures nearby

    I wanna know is there any way to increase the structure limit on specific area? If I invite other ppl to my tribe, is it gonna increase the structure limit?
  5. Kamal

    Chinese ruining tames in pve

    I thought no wild Dino dare to attack wild giga when they knocked out?
  6. Kamal

    Hard Snow

    Buy thick skin, eat the chili soup, run naked with few grappling. Or perhaps using Artrhopluera to prevent you getting aggro’d dnt know if it still works tho
  7. Kamal

    Pump shotgun blueprints

    I didn’t know there’s a underwater cave in mobile, except that small caves which has pearls, crystals and oil. And yes, snow cave give pump action shotgun bp
  8. Kamal

    Ark mobile fishing help

    Tried it, no blueprints. Only some junk, caves run are way better I think
  9. Kamal

    Ark mobile fishing help

    How do use Amber for fishing?
  10. Kamal

    Night vision goggles

    You need to play on high or epic graphic in order to make it works. I play on high graphic and around 75-80% resolution and it works fine.
  11. Kamal

    Argy saddle bug

    You need to put blueprint to craft something on its saddle. Has to be something that can only be crafted on smithy. It’s “crafting station” tlc, not smithy saddle
  12. Kamal

    Argy new tlc?

    Nevermind, I figured it out. It needs blueprint for crafting
  13. Kamal

    Argy new tlc?

    Remote crafting station on argy? What does it mean? I thought we would be able to have smithy on argy saddle, but I don’t see any changes. So can anyone explain to me what the new changes to argy?
  14. Yep, the main issue is because lowered foundations. I lowered the foundations because it’s easier to access quetz while flying. I rebuild without lowering the foundation and everything works well. But still, would be awesome if you guys can do something about this
  15. So I tried lowering the first 2 foundation on quetz’s Platform and continue to built. After that my quetzal flying is kinda weird, it seems like he hit something invisible in the air, can’t turn properly. And I can’t put ankylo on the ramp, it’s so buggy when I dismount it. Can you guys do something about this?