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  1. Twisted dungeon of the warlord I've been away from ark mobile for some time and just returned to try the new dungeons, specifically the twisted dungeon of the warlord. Then I stumbled upon the meganeura and titanornyrma soldier room. I've tried every method to do that room and it’s imposible (by the way, I'm playing sp on brutal). Is there a way to pass through that room? Because I tried assault rifle, pump-action shotgun, sword & pike and nothing. They only just touch me once and I'm dead, the room is super tiny to run and also they are bigger than the averages of their species and obviously faster and with a wider attack range. Skipping it is not an option to me because I want to complete all of the dungeon, and there are two chest needing you to pass through this room.
  2. Not quite. Try the meganeura & titanomyrma soldier mob room on the twisted dungeon of the warlord on brutal difficulty. It's hard as hell.
  3. 55 runs in two and a half days of the blitz week, plus a lot more runs in the previous seven weeks and still no sight of the Noctis. That 0.2% chance of getting one is too damn low. I've even got all of the journeyman BPs, which have a low chance of appearing (and in some cases, for some BP I got more than one), but the Noctis keeps evading me and that’s frustrating.
  4. I'm done with this game. Moving to pc ARK. Just got the chestpiece and pum... the game crashes and throws me back at the beginning
  5. Third dungeon TEK loot drops Is something wrong with the TEK loot drop rates? The third dungeon is supposed to hold a journeyman TEK chestpiece, but every run that I do I keep getting the replicator. Even the generator drops are relatively low. I've done a lot of runs in that hellish dungeon and not even near getting the chestpiece (full waste of my time).
  6. Well it’s not worth the loss of all my stuff. All the blueprints I found were apprentice tier. At least put better stuff.
  7. Hard isn't the correct word to describe it's difficulty. It's a massacre. I went to the dungeon with full ascendant armor and weapons and in the first threat room the titanoboas destroyed me. The worst thing about it is that the loot ain't worth the loss of all my gear and weapons. Didn’t even found a TEK blueprint. That's the other thing. You can't get the TEK by ways other than going through the dungeons? That's crazy. Hard to imagine someone doing that on brutal. It's ok when playing multiplayer but for solo players like me it's like hell. Even the swamp cave or the snow cave feel like a kids playground compared to the dungeons.
  8. Ark mobile dungeons Hooray, big ARK update. It's awesome, but the dungeons... it's just the first released dungeon and it's too hard to do in single player (even on the easiest difficulty level). Lost everything I had in my single player run (my best armor, best weapons, lots of brews and ammo, etc.) in two attempts. Don't wanna imagine the difficulty in the next one. It gets me the feeling that I'll never be able to get the TEK. There should be a little bit easier, or at least get to there with a tame. In PC and console ARK you can go with a lot of tames to the fight with the bosses and to do the TEK cave, so why put it so difficult here in mobile?
  9. I want to ask if you can achieve 100% completion of the pursuits, because I did each and every one of them but still the game says 70/71 pursuits and the “Knowledge of your Forebears” one is still active to do, even now that I got all 122 explorer notes. If anyone knows about this, please tell me.
  10. Those locations are for the console or pc ark. Don't work in ark mobile because the upper south cave, as well as the tek cave, north east cave, cave of lost faith and cave of lost hope doesn’t exist in that platform. That's why I am asking here in the forum. Believe me. I've searched in google, youtube, etc., and nothing. The lystro one, listed in that page as being in the upper south cave, was on the south east cave (aka lava cave), and the underwater ones were distributed among the caves. But the mammoth one is very elusive. I've been searching in the caves a lot of times, every corner of them, and I can't find it.
  11. I've been trying to get that dossier for a long time. I've collected all that were outside the caves and I investigated all of the caves in and out but I can't find it, and the worst part is that I died 25 times more or less trying to get it (especially in the south east cave, aka lava cave). If someone knows the location please tell me. By the way... the platform is mobile.
  12. NeNe you're right. I found six of them, but the mammoth one is very elusive. If you know where is that dossier pleds tell me. I've searched every corner of the caves and died so many times (especially the lava cave) and I can't find that one.
  13. I've been searching for explorer notes and dossiers for quite a long time and there are a few of them that I can not find. I've explored all the island and the caves and I can not find these ones: Helena Notes #2 Helena Notes #3 Dilophosaurus, Lystrosaurus, Mammoth, Rex and Titanoboa dossiers If someone can help me find those ones I'll be eternally grateful. The “Knowledge of your forebears” pursuit is not working either and it displays this: “There are no explorer notes left on the ARK!”. Please help.
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