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  1. I wonder if Island Boys ever got justice for that poopshow, not that I’d even be playing anymore if it happened to me
  2. Lol some of you people believe in some proper superstitious stuff huh. Sounds like an issue on your end, as none of that is an issue on official servers
  3. The point is for people who want the exclusive things the map has to offer, but don’t want a permanent base there. you can go and get the creatures and whatever and just transfer out once you’re satisfied it keeps the load off the primary set of permanent servers where the long term players are
  4. Lol what You don’t have to learn anything after ascending on island to keep your character, and I always skip the bobs notes and Helena’s epilogue, no problems everyone else seems to have no issues transferring their characters to se, myself and my whole tribe included there is a glitch with ascensions that can lose you your character, but it’s rare, completely random, and can be recognised and avoided if you know about it. Can confirm it still exists because last week I ran alpha overseer and it happened to one of my riders, so I had to explain how to avoid it to them
  5. We? Pretty sure that’s just you bud. keep micro transactions out of survival games, killed minecraft bedrock and killed Conan exiles, just work for your things
  6. Incredibly disappointing with server transfer delay. I was hoping to at least get those 3 days to transfer tek structures to se so I don’t have to reset every 8 days while playing scorched now I’m gonna be forced to run over to blue ob on center every weekend to reset my scorched transfers because you guys can’t plan this crap out failed crunch, massive disappointment, and just as you guys were starting to make good decisions too
  7. Scorched should open June 1st, they already said 60 days so just do the maths if, however you are on a temporary server, if you pay real close attention, it does in fact, tell you in the server name
  8. Here you go, hope this puts things into perspective for you
  9. Bro what. 2x has always been the standard for evo events. You people are never happy. if you can’t cope with 2x every weekend and 3x events, go to unofficial
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