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  1. 386 Crashing This is the second time that the entire server has been booted from the game. The lag before this was beyond insane, rubber banding spells that lasted 15-30 seconds long ever 5-10 seconds. Seriously, this server is always super laggy anyway, what's it gonna take for WC to stop pushing out new content and fix the issues with their game?
  2. Host Connection Timeout After Update I've seen the other threads, just adding another one so hopefully the problem will get some attention. Can't play the game, I get disconnected every time I try to hop on. This seems to happen ever time WC touches the servers, I don't know what you guys do when you do it, but please hire someone else for the job and fire the person/people who keep screwing it up please.
  3. Well, since we're not psychic, we don't know where there will be a problem. Many of us didn't know there was a problem until there was a problem, so we had babies out. Should we just never try raising dinos ever again? Because there is no way to tell when this dumpster fire will flare up. Also, part of the holiday event is RAISING BABIES! Common sense would tell you that people will have babies out and raising them right now, if the game suddenly kicks you off and won't let you get back on, what are you supposed to do?
  4. That would sure be nice. I doubt they'll do that, they've shown they really don't care all that much for your lost time and effort. No idea! Servers went down for maintenance and now they're back up, still having the same problem of host timing out 1-2 seconds after loading in! Gg WC! They seriously need to fire who ever they have staffed and hire some people who know what they are doing.
  5. Keep timing out I seen all the other threads, happening to me too, hoping if I add another one WC will get their head out of their backside and fix their broken game before they make me and others lose even more dinos. Then again, maybe we'll get lucky and get comped a consolation tissue for losing all our time and effort! But I suppose a WHOLE tissue would be doing us too much of a favor, guess I'll be grateful for maybe half a tissue.... Seriously, please fix your game and do right by your players or you're eventually not going to have any.
  6. I'm lvl 105 and all my rexes had 60k hp, 1.6k melee, and had 80-90def saddles on, as well as being on neutral. Tribe log didn't say they died or anything, they were just gone and never came back out. I've done tons of bass battles, this one just decided to delete my dinos for some reason
  7. Just lost 19 rex and 1 yuty, thanks WC! Was going into a boss battle for the alpha Megapithecus at the blue OB, dinos got taken in and I got left behind. Waited 30 minutes, dinos didn't return, no deaths in tribe log. Just lost 19 rexs and 1 yuty, thanks wildcard! Here's hoping I can at least get a slightly used consolation tissue in a few months when they get around to replying to the ticket for the 19 rexs and yuty I took my time to raise and imprint to 100%. How in the world you guys still have jobs and why in the world some of us continue to play this game is an astounding mystery and miracle of life. I wanted to say a lot more, but I'm doing my best to hold back the blind rage that's welling inside me :)
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