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  1. This fella is probably right, but you can always send in a ticket. Unless you have screen shots or video of your character, there probably isn't much they'll do for you. Sadly Ark's "Customer Service" seriously leave a lot to be desired. ._.;
  2. Smalltribes36 ddos... Again... Guess what I'm doing? Nothing! Because we're being ddos'd yet again ? Figured I'd make another thread since the problem hasn't been solved and I'm just sitting here starring at "Server Ping:255" . Good times yo!
  3. Yep, seems to be happening on a ton of small tribes servers, 36 gets DDOS'd ever day.
  4. Seeing a bunch of ddos'ing going around so I'm gonna help bump this one to the top of the thread list too, hopefully WC does something. Or maybe they'll just ignore it =.=
  5. Just got done replying to another thread and I'm about to make my own, the same thing is happening on small tribes 36 atm. Happens on a few other servers sometimes too. See a lot of people complaining about it and WC seems incapable or unwilling to address and/or fix the issue.
  6. Happens on a lot of servers. Constantly happens on a few I play, honestly I think WC are incapable of stopping them. That or they don't care, those are the only two realistic possibilities at this point. ._.
  7. Thanks for the notification that you were moving my threads here -.- Kinda funny this goes on so much that you have a 70 page thread for it...
  8. Smalltribes36 ddos, all day every day! Still been happening every day, I'd appreciate it if you guys would at least come out and say there isn't anything you can do about it so I can stop wasting my time making threads. I get like 15-30 minutes of game time and then it's ping 255 for half an hour or more.
  9. Smalltribes36 ddos Been happening every day at some point for a while now. Think we could get a hand?
  10. Yuuup, just tried to hop on there to get some imprinting supplies and after 15 minutes of being disconnected and lagging, I said to hell with it and just got out of there This is why I'm moving to another server as soon as possible, I feel like the server is going to hard crash and wipe everything again.
  11. Well you see, for most people it seems like they're not pulling all the resources they could on the most prevalent issues and concerns to their players when they are using a good portion of the people they have to work on new content. Since I've never worked on coding for a video game and dealt with fixing issues like the ones we face in ark, I can't say I know what they're dealing with, but I know I would much rather have a game that works and plays smoother/better than seeing new content come out for it. Maybe there's a balance they have of people who work on bugs and people who work o
  12. Lag is getting silly and the d/c's are getting tiresome, on the ps4 and I don't want to really participate in the event because I feel like I'll just lose connection or get kicked out of the game and get wrecked by what ever environmental hazard I happen to kill over unconscious in. I (and everyone else surely) would really appreciate it if some time could be spent into improving server performance over adding in new shiny distractions. It doesn't matter how cool something is or what exciting new thing is going on, if you can't actually play the game. Not to mention if something d
  13. Just made a post about this myself, no idea what's going on.
  14. "Waiting on Login Lock" Went over to an Aberration server to build some more on my base and tried going back to my regular island server and got "Waiting on Login Lock" in a pop up, then it said connection failed. I figure either WC broke something or the server is locked so the admins can look at something there? Anyone got any clues for me?
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