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  1. Server reset or whatever in bound, so thanks for getting on the problem!
  2. Yep, ping is good, no lag, I just keep on being disconnected for seemingly no reason. Internet connection is completely stable too, it's lovely, really enjoying it
  3. Raising Babies Glitched So yeah, sometimes their food won't go up but their health will while I"m trying to raise them, their progress bar gets stuck so I have to pod and un-pod them. Please stop breaking stuff every time you touch your game WC ._.
  4. Guess I"ll just quit. Can't play smalltribes anymore, WC won't do anything about all the DDOSing and I'm just tired of it. Screw you WC for wasting so much of my time and causing so much frustration, not just to me either! I've seen countless threads and complaints about this and ZERO response from WC. A+ customer service, good job guys, you did it! You deserve some kind of trophy. ?
  5. Same here, I don't think they understand that even their most avid players are just going to leave if they can't play the game due to the crap they are ignoring.
  6. Still being ddos'd, just any ol' time you feel like doing something WC, when ever you're feelin' froggy you just jump at the problem fren. ._.'
  7. This fella is probably right, but you can always send in a ticket. Unless you have screen shots or video of your character, there probably isn't much they'll do for you. Sadly Ark's "Customer Service" seriously leave a lot to be desired. ._.;
  8. Probably getting ddos'd, there's a ton of that going around atm. That or WC's servers are broke, which wouldn't surprise me either.
  9. I don't think you have to be on the server to ddos it, but WC is either incapable or unwilling to address ddosing. My small tribes server and many others have been getting ddos'd daily for weeks now with no response from WC. Only thing you can do is post here, report a server outage, or file a ticket, not that I think it'll do ya much good :c
  10. You need to put some kind of fuel in them first, wood/thatch/spark powder. Access the campfires inventory with triangle, hold or tap x over the item in your inventory to move it to the campfires'.
  11. Bumping this thread because guess what's happening AGAAAAIIIIN? For the love of all that is good and sacred DO SOMETHIIIING D:<
  12. Smalltribes36 ddos... Again... Guess what I'm doing? Nothing! Because we're being ddos'd yet again ? Figured I'd make another thread since the problem hasn't been solved and I'm just sitting here starring at "Server Ping:255" . Good times yo!
  13. You're probably playing pve, pvp is a lot smoother because people can destroy stuff. Hard to find a good pve server that doesn't have mansions everywhere, some people think they're playing minecraft sadly =.=
  14. Yep, seems to be happening on a ton of small tribes servers, 36 gets DDOS'd ever day.
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