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  1. PC or Console? Still seems broke on my xbox servers, but I saw PC had a large update yesterday.
  2. Not exactly... No other quality item in the game overrides personal settings, or hard clamps at a set number that can't be altered by increasing/decreasing the custom settings for armor/weapon clamps. It's just straight up overriding settings. No other type of repairable item does that. Our replicator tells us a single piece of tek costs 30 polymer to fix it. But actually eats over 400 polymer when you hit repair. Despite it telling you it only needs 30, it fails to repair when you hit repair if you don't have the amount in the replicator that it actually invisibly wants. No other repairable item does that. This isn't a case of changes bringing these things in line with other items. This is a change that's straight up disregarding settings in any way. Personally all for them lowering the durability cap on tek armor and having the repair costs scale properly. As long as the custom settings can still raise/lower those numbers (like every other repairable item in the game).
  3. Yeah, we discovered that today. When they hard-line capped the durability? They also forced their higher repair costs. Their repair costs are overriding unofficial server settings. So what the replicator is telling you it's going to cost is actually a fraction of what it actually needs to be repaired.
  4. My guess is when you died after him, the mission ended thus the restriction was no longer in place. Best way to test that would be to have you die first and see if his loot bag makes it when he dies after you.
  5. It really comes down to individual server setups. Every player plays Ark for different reasons and enjoys different things. That's why servers are customizable, and why there's unofficial servers at all. It gets frustrating for people when hard fixes for official servers suddenly upend peoples private servers. Especially when they gave us the options in the first place. On my server, our server difficulty is cranked up so high that vanilla tier armor gets shredded like paper. We like it this way, it raised the 'ceiling' so to speak. But we scaled armor and weapons up to balance it. We also balanced things with the idea that most of our tribes are 1-3 people large but we still want them able to complete all game content, like alpha genesis missions. Way back when we opened our first server we did extensive testing and tweaking to get things how we wanted, and repeated the process everytime we added a new server. Now suddenly over a year later, our tek armor suddenly has less durability than our flak armor, AND costs a ton more to repair. I know our tek armor now gets torn apart in gauntlet missions on genesis (where you aren't allowed dino mounts). People are understandably upset. I know if they don't fix some of the issues they've been introducing lately, I'm going to have to go back and re-balance my servers again, because suddenly content that was doable, is no longer doable for us with our current server setups and people shouldn't be having to do that over a random fix for official servers. And it's not just the tek armor. It's when they take this approach to anything. For example, they gave us the option to build in mission zones on unofficial Genesis servers, so we turned that option on and built in mission zones. They then hard coded a fix that instantly destroys all structures in gauntlet mission zones upon startup to stop abuse on official servers... without considering that they gave unofficial servers the ability to build in them. We had tons of stuff just wiped out the moment a player tried to run a gauntlet mission. No warning, nothing. That sort of thing shouldn't happen when we explicitly set our servers to allow us to build in mission areas - which wildcard gave us the option to do. (Also forewarning, loot bags dropped on death are treated like an attempt to place a structure so if you die in a gauntlet mission now, you lose everything as it's instantly deleted). Hard-coding changes that essentially override the custom options they gave people is just kind of... crappy? I'm not one to rage about things, or flail on the internet when I'm mad at a game. But a lot of the stuff they've been doing lately has been extremely frustrating. Especially their heavy-handed hard line fixes to deal with cheating/abuse without considering ways to avoid everyone else getting caught in the cross-fire.
  6. Gauntlet Missions Destroying Loot Bags So, not sure if this was intentional or a bug.... but apparently the solution that was implemented to stop people abusing platform saddles in gauntlet missions (IE Instra destroy all structures in a gauntlet mission zone upon start) had some serious consequences. #1: An Option was provided to allow building in mission areas on non-official servers. Players then built in mission areas (including gauntlet mission areas) because that option was provided. A fix to stop people cheezing on official servers was put in to destroy all structures in mission areas (fine on officials since you can't build in them anyways, so any structures there didn't belong). Unfortunately on unofficials, that wound up with players losing everything they had built in those mission areas the moment anyone tried to run those missions. Which I would assume shouldn't happen when we where given the ability to enable building in them in the first place. #2: If a player dies during a mission, it seems to treat the lootbag as an attempt to place a structure, and it is instantly destroyed along with all the dead player's gear, no death beacon. Tested it by placing a lootbag on the ground and started the mission. The loot bag disappear in front of me. Then tested it by killing a player during a mission, no loot bag appeared. I'm really hoping this is considered a bug.
  7. We just added Genesis to our cluster! Room for new players!
  8. Have to add individual overrides in the game.ini file They aren't effected by the general item stack multiplier. ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_Fish_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_RawMutton_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_WyvernMilk_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Honey_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=10, bIgnoreMultiplier=true)) Sadly doesn't work for fertilizer (tried it, but when one fertilizer decayed in a plot, the entire stack went with it).
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