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    I have a tribe on an unofficial (Nitrado) server. I am looking to recruit a few players to hang out and do stuff with. We are a very casual tribe, members play when they can and do a little of everything. We play PvE on The Island. Standard rates, no mods, structure/dino decay is turned off. One main base, with smaller bases scattered around The Island for convenience. Tribe has a fair number and variety of tames (more added frequently). My rules are few. Be mature, be friendly, be respectful, help out. If we're running low on resources you're using, harvest some. If you take the last of some equipment, craft another for others to use. If a tame dies on your watch, try to tame a replacement. If anything gets damaged, fix it if you can. Ask for help whenever you need to. Play as often as you can. I'm especially interested in serious players who can be committed to playing, not just "checking it out" never to return (we've had a few of those). If you're interested, add me as a friend on Steam and I'll send you the details. TargetOne

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