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  1. So, you are renting a single Nitrado server, and want to join it to your friend's cluster? From what I recall, you'd have to ask your friend for his Cluster ID, enter it on the CrossARK page of your Nitrado web interface, enable CrossArk, and restart. But i think you'd be better off asking on Nitrado's forums, to be certain.
  2. I can relate. This happened to me not too long ago. And I couldn't just reinstall it at the same location, Steam wouldn't recognize it and thought there wasn't enough hard disk space to install (because, with the old files still there, there wasn't). I ended up just deleting the entire installed copy and reinstalling from scratch, including all the mods. Yes, it took forever. And i was lucky in that I had a backup copy of my localprofile (with map and Explorer Note progress) on another drive. The appmanifest method above definitely sounds much easier...
  3. Personally, I really would like to see better AI and more realistic behavior on all creatures, wild and tamed. I want to believe I'm surrounded by living creatures, not mindless automatons. There ought to be baby, juvenile, adolescent, and adult forms for all wild creatures, transitioning from stage to stage at the same intervals as bred creatures, tamable at every stage, and cared for (or not) by their parents as appropriate for the species. It would be cool if both wild and tamed creatures at least went through the motions of eating and sleeping. Right now, a lot of the herbivores, especially, don't even seem to eat in the wild, just shuffle around aimlessly. (I'm looking at you, Triceratops.) There should be a more realistic method of taming, something akin to the current passive taming, only more involved. Put the food in the last slot on the hotbar like now, but make "using" it more of an "offer" instead of a direct feeding (e.g. hold out the food and see if the creature is interested). The creatures should go about their business at first, and be extremely reluctant to take the first offering, until they are hungry enough... then eat more readily with each subsequent offer, and even start to follow the survivor as he moves around, until they are finally fully tamed. AI pathfinding is currently atrocious. Wild and tamed dinos seem to get stuck on every rock or tree along their path. Improve this. And for the love of God, please fix the inverse kinematics on the Brontosaurus skeletal rigging. It's cringeworthy to see the interesting (and painful-looking) ways their joints bend as they try to step over rocks and logs.
  4. Official? Unofficial? Non-dedicated server? What version is the server at?
  5. Yep, I think it was only happening while Winter Wonderland was active. Now that WW is over, the rain and show have returned!
  6. Weather effects bugged? Hi, Ever since the latest patch, I've noticed I do not get any visual effects for rain or snowstorms. I can hear the sound effects for rain or snow, but there is no precipitation falling from the sky. I am playing on unofficial, The Island map. I hadn't changed any in-game settings. I've tried adjusting my graphics options, and validating files in Steam, to no effect. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  7. So, on The Island (unofficial server I admin), there was this Titanosaur wandering about between two of our bases. At one point, it walked over the walls of a base as if they weren't even there, and got stuck inside for a bit before finally getting out and going on its merry way. A tribemate had been wanting to tame one for weeks, and finally convinced me to help. So, we got a Quetzal with a platform saddle, made a cannon and a bunch of cannonballs, and set off (one of us riding shotgun on the cannon, the other driving). We quickly learned that hitting a Titan in the head with cannonballs is very hard! Between the Titan constantly moving around and turning its neck, the Quetzal's poor maneuverability, trees getting in the way, and the god-awful interface for aiming the cannon, we wasted lots of cannonballs and were barely making a dent in its torpidity. To make matters worse, the Titan, in its continued wandering, walked over the walls (4 levels high!) of another base, and got stuck in the middle. We were afraid it was going to lash out and take out half the base if we shot at it anymore. We had to move all our tames away from its feet in order to get it moving again, and finally got it out of the base. Out of frustration, we decided I should use my Godlike admin powers, and force-tame it. Only for me to discover, the ForceTame command was NOT working! On the Titanosaur, or any other wild creature. And yes, I was logged in with EnableCheats active. After we gave up, I went out into a clearing filled mostly with herbivores, and started testing the ForceTame command again, as well as the DoTame and ForceTameAOE commands. I finally discovered that the command syntax on the ARK Wiki was WRONG... it's not "cheat ForceTame", it's "admincheat ForceTame" (or DoTame, or ForceTameAOE). Excited that I finally got ForceTame to work, I quickly tried ForceTameAOE... but in my haste, I accidentally added TOO MANY ZEROES to the radius number. As in, "50000" instead of "500". And to our amazement, I tamed EVERY CREATURE IN A TWO-MILE RADIUS. Every Stego, every Dilo, every Parasaur... hell, even the dragonflies, ants, and fish! My tribemate and I spent the rest of the evening laughing our asses off, as we wandered around the area with our Awesome Spyglasses turned on and revealing the tames, them whistling them to follow us and herd them back to the base for the oh-so-necessary culling. The fish are actually still in their original locations, we didn't bother trying to do anything with them.
  8. To be fair, these are only server-side updates, they don't always put out patch notes for those.
  9. I noticed a small mistake on the Spooky Piles. When you open a pile's inventory, the inventory screen refers to them as "Fossil Piles", as in past events. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. That's just it. Having the bird on follow distance "high" isn't enough to keep the bird from coming to a stop hovering over me and my anky (and getting us tangled up), yet follow distance "highest" is TOO high, often leaving the bird too far away to be useful in the event of an attack or for a quick getaway. I'm saying there needs to be more intelligent logic put into the whole "follow" mechanic.
  11. Flyers on follow I wish the follow mechanics of flyers would be improved. When mining mineral resources, I like to take an anky or doed with an argent (for transport/air support) set to follow. As I move around on the anky/doed, the argent, in its attempts to catch up, usually stops and hovers right on top of me and the anky/doed. This often causes the anky/doed to get "stuck" on the argent's legs, and I have to keep turning around while holding the forward/run keys to get unstuck, or dismount and get on the argent to move it away. The only way I can keep this from happening is to set the argent to the highest follow distance. None of the lower distances will be enough. But then, more often than not, it will stop at too great a distance, too far to provide effective back-up if the anky/doed and I get attacked, and inconvenient when I need to use it to pick up the other mount for transport. I wish the mechanic would be modified so that the flyer always stays at the intended distance, regardless of how far or how fast the land mount moves. For that matter, I also would like to see flyers always stop and hover at an altitude that can actually be reached by a person on foot. All too often, they will hover too high too high, and I have to either run some distance away (until they fly back to me) or whistle "land flyer" to bright them within reach again.
  12. It's also possible that the Cnidaria just happened to spawn in entirely on their own, and would have done so with or without the presence of the alpha meg.
  13. Gather your system information in Steam. Go to the top menus, "Help/System Information", select the text, and copy to the clipboard. Then paste here.
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