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  1. Seriously whats going on with this game constant blue screen constant roll backs things starting to be untameble crashes bugs. Just a short list of bugs on the new map it should not even be out these are major issues that should not be happening wild card your not making this game better your making people leave because of your constant mess ups. I am sure your aware of the issues but clearly to bothered with Ark 2 to help the paying customer with the first messed up game you are failing out ..... Pias poor planning prevents piss poor performance sort your crap out
  2. No point joining that one wild card don’t even read it
  3. Network status healthy How is this so when you have hundreds of ppl playing this game complaining about bugs and errors yet nothing been done about it,,, I have lost characters I have lost dinos I have spent days trying to play the game without any luck . Wild Card do you honestly know what your doing because I think your all a bunch of jokers ,,,,,
  4. Server 594 yet again is constantly going down not only is W.C. messing up the game they are ignoring issues and trying to make ppl forget it by creating other stuff This server unstabilty crap is getting annoying I can’t spend no longer then 10 mins before I get roll backed...
  5. 5 rollbacks in 45 mins Seriously I am on server 594 and in the last 45 mins I have had 5 fu***** rollbacks this game is starting to become unplayable due these damn rollbacks when will wildcard understand they are ruining the game.. I am trying to tame a damn spino and you guys are taking the piss sort this out!!!
  6. GM appointment times are a waste of time This is now getting stupid , I lost my character due to a server rollback so I contact W.C. with a ticket I get contacted by GM Chival and got to the stage where a appointment is to be made. I have to wait a whole month for an appointment because wildcard f****** up not only that they can’t even give you back your character level my character was level 117 I was told I can only get to 105 and not able to be ascended which means I now have to do boss fights all over again . Now wildcard are making these mistakes and
  7. I lost my 117 character last week and got told they can’t give me back my original character can’t ascend my character and that I have lost all games and can’t be returned . So I now have to wait a month for a GM to meet me on my island server to give me back exp to get me to lvl 105 ... This game fault for characters missing and instead of helping you they penalise you and don’t give you your stuff back .. Do a ticket
  8. Constant rollbacks So this game is going from good to bad to just unplayable I am on server 594 and we are being hit with rollbacks daily sometimes 2 sometimes more and this is starting to ruin the game not only have I lost my character due to this rollback issues but I am now having issues building , raising and even playing What the actual f*** is going on with this game!!!!
  9. Lost character Hello I play on server 594 the centre it is being hit with rollbacks today and twice this has happened. I was getting milk on scorched earth then transferred back not 5 mins after I was back on 594 the game crashed and had a server rollback but this time my character got lost I can’t find it on any of my servers or download it .... I would not normally mind if it was another character but this was my main one level 116 now what is going on...
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