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  1. I think these are some interesting ideas for official servers. I think more cross clusters of just 1 of each map would be good, but they probably need a wipe cycle. Like 6 months or yearly. I think a set of non-clustered single servers could be interesting. But also needs a wipe cycle.
  2. It depends, most are whitelisted and not public. You have to agree to the rule and to role playing. Its really a question of how do you want to play. And you can always check out different servers.
  3. The Ark community is divided into a bunch of smaller communities. Official players are just 1 group. There are some really awesome unofficials communities.
  4. Seems its identical to Atlas from what i read. I think the number of people being very critical of what they buy from Wildcard, Grapeshot, or even Snail games will just continue to increase. WC needs to find a way to bring back players and player retention.
  5. Survival of the fittest Battle Royal, free to play PvP with no losing hours (or 100s) of work overnight.
  6. I feel bad for legacy players. But they are playing on borrowed time. A big game of musical chairs. SOTF appeals to so many types of people and could easily be made to generate revenue.
  7. This game has actually improved a lot. I personally think PvE official should be discontinued....move to the unofficial realm. PvE requires babysitters to make players share land and tame slots. Just release the files, like legacy. Speaking of Legacy, rip the bandaid off already. Biggest mistake ever. Official servers should be PvP only in some form. Timed PvP servers, more types. All ORP servers should have alliances removed (loophole closed). Smaller clusters. There also should be more variety of timed wiping servers. And lastly, there should be a subscriptions based teir of official servers with active admins. Side note: I think SOTF should be developed again, and used to make money (similar to Fortnight with a cosmetic cash shop)
  8. Should say: WC destroyed their own official servers. Perhaps it was intentional, less servers= less cost. Official servers numbers have slowly been whittled away. Single player and unofficial communities are great.
  9. Both Ragnarok and the Center authors were hired by Wildcard.
  10. Crystal isles isn't done. It's also way more system intensive both client and server than Lagnarok.
  11. I don't really decorate, I go for more function over fashion. But there are tons of decor mods, like all of ECO's mods (sponcered mod program).
  12. WC could release all the save files and shutdown all official servers. Key word is could. Nothing lasts forever. I think WC should offer a subscription based premium official servers.
  13. Maybe it's time for one last Great migration.
  14. Fallow? Meme spell check?
  15. I suggest getting ASM and just run a LAN server. No resource respawn bug there.
  16. We don't know WC decision or if they have made a decision. Which is why I showing support for S+ (plat+ etc) going open source. This would be a huge benefit to the modding community. Tons of unofficial servers and single player games depend on the S+ mod. It's the most subscribed mod in the workshop.
  17. I did read Orionsun's post. Which is exactly why I said WC should allow his mod(s) to go open source or at least be handed off to a responsible mod author(s) to be maintained. But those are WC's decisions not Orionsun's and we have no information. With abandoned mods, it always possible a game update will break some part of the mod.
  18. With no mod updates it's still possible a game update will break the mod. S+ is one of the reasons Ark was so successful. WC could allow s+ and plat+ and platforms anywhere to go open source or at least be handed off to a few mod authors to maintain.
  19. I imagine of s+ gets pulled from the workshop the game population will plummet. Or if/when WC releases an update that breaks the mod version of s+, same thing. The utility guns are awesome. The automated systems are awesome (they require fuels). The pull system is awesome. The better tek is awesome. Hitching post is awesome. All of this on top of the building improvements and ini customization, is simply amazing.
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