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  1. That's a human problem. You could choose to play whitelisted or even normal unofficial communities with rules you agree with.
  2. It's not feasible to update the UI to include every possible ini setting. Plus it wouldn't be possible for many of the more complex ones. Maybe a request to allow ini editors on console.
  3. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    This should be in a bug report with details for the devs. Not a complaint or fix bugs suggestion request. I already explained why a suicide command wouldn't be added.
  4. On console if you run a server with ini access.
  5. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    I think there are commands to get location information for the devs, then submit a bug report. Your 2nd sentence didn't make any sense. There are definitely some harvestable rocks you can get stuck between, but they are harvestable. It's a survival game, you should remain aware of your surroundings.
  6. The water cave that was mentioned is neither a resource nor a dungeon cave. It is one of the caves designed for a base.
  7. Stack size and weight settings were already added. Stacking non-stackable items would break them, so you're basically asking WC to break the game. A better option would be better storage options for things that don't stack.
  8. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    Grappling hooks should be basic carry on most maps.
  9. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    Cryo timer was basically just a quick change to a setting that exists. Your talking about new functionality. Not the same thing.
  10. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    Ark dosen't have in-game currency. Ark does have PvP where you can keep a player handcuffed and drugged though. So this would be negated by a stuck/suicide feature.
  11. That a good question. UE engine is good for beginners.
  12. I guess the term rhetorical is meaningless to you. Official servers are what they are, they aren't the only way to play Ark.
  13. It would be worth the effort, but its likely beyond their capability.
  14. Are you tracking both stats at knockout and after taming?
  15. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    Try a grappling hook.
  16. What exactly did you think was going to happen when most the world is under stay at home orders?
  17. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    A suicide command will not be added because of the PvP content.
  18. Small tribes have their own settings and don't get evo events. Its specified in the small tribe announcement info.
  19. SE is a good map for survival. It's fun for a fresh start because it's so challenging, but the challenge has been nerfed over the years. It's also the original wyvern experience.
  20. It's mostly software and coding that would need to be created, tested and properly implemented, not just a couple servers to work some magic.
  21. Sounds like the perfect time to try unofficial.
  22. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration Ini code can do this. "Higher number increases (on a percentage scale) max number of items place-able on saddles and rafts Example: PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.5
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