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  1. Then you have to pick what's more important. Big community, seems to be what you want. Then you have to accept the good and the bad. With most the world quarantined expect higher populations and more lag, etc.
  2. Well running my own server that never lags is great. I took what they served and made it better with settings and mods.
  3. The novice developers produced a buggy game that can be extremely fun with quality of life and other mods along with real time admins that simply don't exist on official servers. I definitely don't defend the devs. Official servers suck. Ark as a game has lots of issues, but can be fun.
  4. You are very contradictory in this thread. Official servers are cheap weak laggy understaffed servers. You agreed to all those things. Yet there are other choices.
  5. Exactly why I don't play official servers.
  6. Hurting what?
  7. You got what you paid for and what was advertised. Your hotel analogy dosen't apply.
  8. Steam version with mods is PC only. The Xbox and windows store PC version can play together. PS4 separate.
  9. Quality customer service right there.
  10. Glad that you like your decision to play only official servers, but then you have to deal with how WC decides to run their servers. By making a complaint thread, it seems you aren't completely happy.
  11. It's a well known fact that official servers are the cheapest virtual servers available.
  12. This is a generalization that isn't always true. There are some incredibly unofficial communities and also communities that don't use boosted rates.
  13. This is NOT true. Mutation breeding is why. It's a little late to reduce the tame limit now. Plus tribes would split into multiple tribes and would result in no net change on server tame cap. Killing off buying dinos for real money might have an effect.
  14. Unofficial servers don't have to have boosted rates. Most do to make the game more accessible normal people with jobs and other responsibilities.
  15. Aylana314159

    I want to DIE

    If you're not the steam PC version, then go the the console platform specific subforums.
  16. Servers are irrelevant. You are on an official network. So either the large normal PvP or one of the other official PvP subsets. It's a survival game. If you want balance you have to play on the Arkpocalypse servers that reset monthly. Every character is equal day 0 time 0, but players (humans) will not be equal in knowledge or skill. There are also Primitive plus, classic/Conquest seasonal, and small tribes if you refuse to leave unofficial. Or the ORP offline raid protection official PvP servers.
  17. That's your choice. It helps plenty of ark players.
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