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  1. There would have to be limits. Really severe limits compared to what build limits currently exists. Spheres are a really bad shape for landclaim considering all the base building components are square or equilateral triangles. Plus would you allow base claim at level 1?
  2. True. I think it's way too later for a legitimate PvE landclaim system that's fair, at least for the original Ark. Maybe for a sequel. The game Wurm online had a good landclaim system, but it was more like minecraft with resource distribution than Ark. Base claim areas also need buffer zones and some form of upkeep. More high resource designations and natural reserves are needed. Would current bases be grandfathered into a new system? This is where a wipe and really a beta test would be needed.
  3. This was tried with Atlas, it was a complete failure.
  4. You mean a cash shop for each transaction? Tame rez item. Tame insurance item.
  5. Completely isolated individual servers belongs in the unofficial realm.
  6. What do you mean? Subscription based official servers? I think this is highly unlikely, since because WC isn't capable of the moderation of their official servers.
  7. Seems to me, you should be looking for servers with well documented advertisements. Communities with websites, forums, and/or discord. If that information isn't available before you join the server, then that's probably a sign.
  8. I like the canyon in the middle of the map, but I don't know if it has strategic advantage for PvP.
  9. Why not upvote this suggestion, instead of making a new thread? Or just choose official servers that do wipe on a schedule.
  10. Do you think a "No Mana" cluster would go over well with the official community?
  11. I think the biggest problem here is just seeking high populations. Instead of seeking excellent and fair admins, sustainable rates and mods, and actually growing a community.
  12. What exactly do you mean? What happens?
  13. Replace human players with computer programs. There isn't enough support staff for more UNenforceable rules.
  14. Then your going to have to find a community that defines "honor" with a set of enforceable rules and actually enforces them.
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