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  1. The winter event last year covered the Island with snow, why not this time? It was so cool to have snow all around the map So no Tech Tier and no snow... in a winter event. I understand the tech tier was a far fetch idea but the snow, doesn't make sense.
  2. Servers are running but we can't access them since we can't log in on steam, is there a way to access a server using a console command?
  3. You can use taming rafts, or taming quetzals. works fine for me
  4. could it be that you have a skydrop on your base ?, it will show green but it will not let you place the item
  5. is down for me too
  6. I have the same, i can't find any sessions, I restarted the client and now i can't log in not even on my favorites
  7. The last patch is broken, the wyvren special will desmount the rider and is impossible to remount please fix and roll back we lost 3 wyvren in 2 minutes due to this huge bug
  8. I have 2500 hours on 331 1000 dinos and i am in the same base since the beggining of the PVE Arks. I am sure that this just a machine failure since 331, 332, 333 and 334 share the same server. I am afraid thow that this down time will affect my 12 gigas and 17 quetz sicne i cant feed them and I am currentrly raising 2 Wyvres. I hope the server will be up soon