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  1. Lunar Larry


  2. Lunar Larry

    Direwolf vs Sabertooth

    Whoops, this was meant to go in the general section. My bad.
  3. Lunar Larry

    Direwolf vs Sabertooth

    Since the pack boost feature for direwolves is not currently part of the game, would a pack of sabertooths (with high armor saddles) theoretically be stronger? I'm trying to figure out which would be better for caving.
  4. Lunar Larry

    Dire Wolf howl and pack questions.

    According to the wiki, the Dire Wolf howl allows the wolf that howled to "achieve alpha pack boost". However, I'm not sure that this is a part of the mobile version yet, which brings me to your next question. I know that in other versions of the game there are pack bonuses for groups of dire wolves, and that the highest level dire wolf will have the red glow around it, similar to alpha dinosaurs and allosaurs. From my experience in single player, dire wolves (both tamed and in the wild) do not have this red glow, nor do they seem to experience any sort of pack bonus. It is possible that I am incorrect in one of these observations, but that's just what I've noticed. Hopefully someone else can confirm this. Just by the way, I have a group of six tamed dire wolves, and none of them have any icon to indicate that they have a pack bonus, and none of them have the red alpha glow.
  5. Lunar Larry

    Use for Industrial Grinder **

    I, along with many others, have been disappointed about the fact that the industrial grinder grants no experience. However, having already made one, I decided to fool around with it, and found out that for every Creature Implant Artifact you grind, you receive one potent dust. Each potent dust that you consume gives you 100 experience. Though this still isn't as good as just receiving experience outright for grinding wood and/or stone, it does give the industrial grinder some use. This may already be common knowledge, and if it is I apologize for restating it, but I haven't seen any mention of it before, so I just thought that I would share the information.
  6. Lunar Larry

    solo Solo Player Dino Limit Increase

    I support this as well.
  7. Lunar Larry

    solo Solo Player Dino Limit Increase

    I second what all of you have said. I play solely in single player mode and am starting to get into breeding. You guys are right, as of now, if someone wants to breed for better dinos, they're likely going to have to kill multiple of their other tames in order to stay under the 40 creature tame limit. Though it does seem reasonable to have a tame limit on some servers in order to reduce lag that too many creatures will cause, on single player (at least) I don't see why the limit is so low.
  8. Lunar Larry

    Industrial Grinder XP Not Working**

    No problem🙂
  9. Lunar Larry

    Industrial Grinder XP Not Working**

    After doing more looking around, apparently the admins have addressed this, at least once. In a post by jaumeiv, WarDrumBecca commented "The lack of experience from grinding items is intentional." Though I would understand this for PvP, it still doesn't make sense to me why they would choose to nerf the Industrial Grinder like this for single player.
  10. Lunar Larry

    Unable to watch Ads for gift and ambers

    I've had this problem occur too, playing on iPhone 6s single player.
  11. Lunar Larry

    Industrial Grinder XP Not Working**

    Yes, unfortunately this is true. I’ve seen multiple posts about it, however no admins have decided to acknowledge it yet, which is frustrating. The only reason I can think of as to why the developers decided not to include this feature is that they’re trying to slow progression down a little bit. Once you hit level 70 or so, leveling up becomes fairly tedious. Since the max level on mobile is only 100 (as far as I know), maybe they thought that by disabling XP from the grinder, players would spend more time playing the game, which would ultimately benefit them. I don’t agree with it at all, but i can’t think of anything else that would give them cause to make the grinder work like this.
  12. Lunar Larry

    Quetzal on mobile

    Does anybody know how much ancient amber it takes to revive a quetzal?
  13. Lunar Larry

    XP From Narcotics & Industrial Grinder

    I noticed that when crafting narcotics, although I do gain some XP, it is negligible in the grand scheme of things. For every 10 narcotics I crafted, I only received 1 experience. On the PC/Consoles, (with standard multipliers) I’m fairly sure each narcotic gives the player 2 XP. I was just wondering if there was a reason that narcotics give so little XP on the mobile version. It makes it a lot harder to grind levels. Also, I was recently able to gather all of the resources necessary to craft an industrial grinder after spending the better part of a day playing the game. I crafted it, mainly because I was under the impression that it would be a good way to gather XP, but I was mistaken. I earned zero XP using the grinder. Is this intentional, or was it accidentally overlooked when the game was brought to mobile? And if this is the case, will the experience feature be implemented in the future? (I realize another player pointed this out a few days ago, my thinking was that if I mentioned it again hopefully an admin would see it) I just wanted to thank the admins for all of their help. They seem to be extremely active on the forums, and they’ve helped to bring such a great game to mobile devices
  14. Lunar Larry

    Grinder not giving exp

    I just crafted one last night as well, and was very disappointed when I realized that I was not receiving any experience either. I hope that War Drum Studios either fixes this if it's a glitch, or implements the experience feature. Otherwise, I see no reason as to why anyone would want an industrial grinder given it's enormous crafting cost.
  15. *Note: I'm new to this website, I created an account specifically to try to get help for a problem that I experienced earlier today. I'm not sure if this post should go under a different page, but I'm going to leave it like this because I'm unaware of any other place I could post this. Also, I apologize in advance for the long post. I downloaded the mobile (iOS) version of Ark about two weeks ago after having played the PC version a couple of years back. I was having a lot of fun on the mobile version, and had easily played for 40+ hours. I recently reached level 64 in my single player world and was working towards crafting an Industrial Grinder when my game started to become laggy. At the time I assumed this was from playing for too long, since I had already been in the app for a couple of hours. So, I quit out of the app/restarted it (I swiped up after double pressing the home button) and re-opened it. I clicked the standard "Continue Single Player World" button, but instead of loading in my world, the app took me to the map of the respawn screen. None of my three different beds appeared on the map, and my only options were to respawn at a random location or create a new survivor. At this point I became very nervous and restarted the app again in hopes that it would bring me back to my saved single player world. After this took me to the same respawn menu, I shut down and powered back up my phone all together, to no avail. I even tried to "offload" the app (basically deleting it but keeping the data and documents) and then reinstall it, but it still took me to the same menu when I opened the app. I decided to do some research on this, and found that this is a pretty frequent occurrence in Ark single player worlds, which is rather frustrating. Apparently there are some ways to bring the world back if you're playing on PC, but as I mentioned earlier I'm playing on iOS. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any solution to this problem on the mobile version of Ark. If anyone playing on the mobile version has found a way to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I should also point out that I'm playing on an iPhone 6s. I realize that ARK: Survival Evolved is not "officially supported" on this device, but I didn't think that this would cause any complications after having played the game for around two weeks with absolutely no problems up until now. Finally, I wish to note that I haven't actually respawned yet, because I was worried that if I did respawn I would somehow make the deletion of my world permanent. However, I did press the "RESPAWN (RANDOM LOCATION)" button just to see what would happen, and the standard "RESPAWN" button had a timer of 01:10:21:45 seconds on it, as shown in the image I attached below. Would this mean that I'd have to either wait 1 day, 10 hours, 21 minutes, and 45 seconds to respawn, or just watch and ad to respawn with a beacon? This definitely appears to be a major bug in the game. Also, though I cannot remember exactly what in-game day I was on, I can confirm that I was not on Day 1 as it says in the top left corner of the screenshot below. Again, sorry for the long post. I'd be very grateful if anyone could share any solutions to this glitch, or point me in the direction of someone who can.