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  1. Korkan


    So how do you all level when you reach 70+. I’m currently lvl 73 and am finding it incredibly hard to lvl. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Korkan

    Primal pass

    So I requested a refund and I tried to buy it again and it gave me an error. Saying can’t purchase
  3. Korkan

    Primal pass

    What am I supposed to be signed into?
  4. Korkan

    Primal pass

    I did and it says already restoring. A request to restore purchase is still on going.
  5. Korkan

    Primal pass

    Please someone! I want to buy a gold crown. The whole point of primal pass. Please lmk.
  6. Korkan

    Primal pass

    So I bought it. How long until the game recognizes it?
  7. Korkan

    Airplane mode

    So apparently if you launch ark mobile in airplane mode this little gem pops up. I love you war drum lol
  8. Korkan


    Where can you find unicorns on single player
  9. Korkan


    Far right mountian
  10. Korkan


    I’ve been wondering this
  11. No it wouldn’t. They’d still make their money. I’d still watch ads for the decorations and gnomes and all that good stuff and none of that is cheap. There’s still lots of ways to make money.
  12. But it’s not free. We either watch ads which the devs get money for, we buy amber which they get money for, or we buy the pass, which the devs get money for. They make a lot on the game already.
  13. God mode should be free. I get you have to make money but people are buying amber and passes. To make us pay 15 for this is absurd. I was really excited for it but I’m not gonna but it. I would never pay for that. You don’t ha e to pay for it on console or pc. Why should I have to here. Also I think it’s pretty damn ridiculous that only people that pay 15 can actually play at night.
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