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  1. I was able to put some defenses on my corridor roof, however I’m not able to put any lighting down outside. the large red area is now my “no go zone”. Some of the areas have very little or nothing placed down, why would it specifically not let me build there? check the northern side of my base, it’s 7 walls high with plenty of construction, and yet I have no issues building in that area. I have metal foundations and walls 7 high, and when I build in the surrounding area I have ceilings (and anything attached to them) magically vanish, giving me “exceeded build height” errors. I still have some missing since I’m sick of rebuilding there. the engine in this game sucks so bad, these problems shouldn’t be happening 1.5 years after global release.
  2. The battlements definitely aren’t causing any issues for me. i did discover the outer layer of underwater pillars were every 1 block apart, this initially was done so I could connect steps to the outer edge, but the steps remained there after I removed some pillars. below are my before and after pics, I destroyed a lot of pillars and I was able to build quite a lot above the ceilings afterwards.
  3. My base spans over the river which is between volcano and swamp cave. I’m still deleting stuff to try and figure out what the cause can be. i just destroyed 8 plant X that I just placed down prior to the error, as well as the plots, and irrigation. I then tried putting down walls and it only let me put down TWO before it started giving me limit errors again . Something is very screwy here. It’s not even in a congested area, I can build a lot more stuff where it’s most congested. This game seriously needs a better engine, it’s a piece of sh1t. the obelisk is known for its restrictions, but I’m in the middle of all 3.
  4. I can build everywhere outside this red circle, however inside the red circle is a lot of areas which have nothing built at all - including outside my battlement walls. I was putting down Stone crop plots (plant X), with stone irrigation pipes running into the water below the ceilings, that’s what I was doing which triggered this problem to start happening. below is the view from under the ceilings. I was conservative with the pillars. After deleting 2 steps to access this area, I wasn’t even able to put the steps back...
  5. Too Many Structures nearby - single player I’m playing single player and spent countless hours laying down a 1-2 pillar “floor” with ceilings over the river. It’s connected to my large base. I’m finally at the stage of placing down defenses, feed troughs, lighting etc, however it won’t even let me begin that due to this “too many structures” error. The strange thing is, it lets me place more things down closer to the core of my base, which has heaps of structures, but it’s not letting me place new items further away where there’s hardly any structures at all. Logic? Building stuff was the only reason I had left go play this game, but this unmentioned limitation has suddenly put an end to that. I’m left with an unfinished base with no logical way out. I tried deleting stuff like ceilings, and it wouldn’t even let me put the ceilings back. why the limits on single player???
  6. The ladder solution is good enough, it’s perfectly square. You just have to accept that there’s only 1 possible way it can be aligned on the ceiling.
  7. I figured it out. The 3 dodos that matured fast we’re all 2.9x size. the 4 that were slow were all 3.0x size. The bigger they get, the longer they take to mature. it seems there’s no point having these large dodos in single player? I made the decimation bit and the damage is still low, the dodo still slow.
  8. Well I moved the slow 4 to where the fast 3 were, and their maturity speed is still slow. It seems that some just mature much faster than others but I don’t see any reason why. It’s happened a lot with these dodos, they are around 2.9x size now, 14th generation.
  9. Unfortunately this didn’t work, couldn’t get the cable to snap. This would have had the ends of the cables ending nicely to run vertical cables up through pillars. i could place the cable there manually, just not from the original ladder climb position.
  10. Thanks, I figured it out! place the ladder down. get on the ladder immediately place a cable down (before looking around) the key is to be in first person view, not third person. The only problem is the cable will be exactly in the middle of the tile, the ends of the wiring will be the edge of the ceilings, meaning you won’t be able to run the wiring up the middle of pillars, or the wiring down the edge of tiles. I wonder if there’s a way to place a ladder I’m the middle of 4 ceilings so you could place the wiring like this?
  11. Do oviraptors boost maturing speed? I hatched 7 dodo eggs at the same time. 3 of them I walked out closer to my oviraptor and they are at 63% maturity (All female), whereas the other 4 (2 male, 2 female) which aren’t as close to the oviraptor, at only at 28%. I don’t see anything on the oviraptor wiki page about this. or could it be something to do with proximity to feeding troughs? The more matured ones might have been within range of several troughs (all have berries in them). Or do different berries mature at different rates? I initially put mejoberry in their inventory, but the troughs have different.
  12. This was my starting point. Looks square, but as you can see from the bridge, the further away it gets, the further off center the cabling is.
  13. Usually I start by putting a generator down and then wiring which will snap to that, but the generator doesn’t seem to snap to anything either, so once again I can’t ensure my wiring runs parallel to my foundations. Rather poopty not to be able to be able to do that. fence foundations help gates find a snap point, however it doesn’t work for cables. my cable looks parallel when I place it down, but after I’ve run it down 20 ceilings you can see just how much it’s off, and spoils how things look. It’s off center. The longer you go, the more it’s off. If I wanted to run it through a pillar, it wouldn’t be in the right spot.
  14. Usually I start by putting a generator down and then wiring which will snap to that, but the generator doesn’t seem to snap to anything either, so once again I can’t ensure my wiring runs parallel to my foundations. Rather poopty not to be able to be able to do that. fence foundations help gates find a snap point, however it doesn’t work for cables.
  15. I quit playing 14 months ago, but just started playing again a month ago. Very disappointed by the fact that many of the same bugs I reported are not fixed. I definitely won’t waste my time on multiplayer anymore, however I’m trying to build my world in single player. Still so many bugs in single player though, like my Allos always teleporting when I return to my base. I’m considering to play on PC now, although I don’t like sitting at my PC for so long.
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