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  1. I just wanted to leave my feedback on PVXC game mode... I played on mobile for a very long time 3-4 years ago, and I just decided to try playing it again. In the past week I got to level 42 playing solo on a PVXC server. Given that there's land always in PVP mode, you're pretty much forced to resort to having a raft base and moving it at least once every 24 hours to avoid having your base flattened. Here's the issue: rafts are extremely buggy! 1. some tames can't board rafts, other than platform tames (Which is the only thing mentioned on the wiki), Mammoths refuse t
  2. So I fixed it, and this is what I did. I checked my mod subscriptions and found out "Structures Plus" was the most recently updated. I unsubscribed, located the file/folder in my mod directory and deleted them. I was then able to get past the error message, but then I got an error about EU4ShooterGame.exe or something. I then tried to validate the game via Steam and found there was about 1000 invalid files, and it re-downloaded 2.55gb. After it was completed, the game started working again.
  3. From my research, the error is due to me having a more updated mod than the server has, and there's nothing I can do to fix it my side.
  4. I'm playing on an unofficial server, PvE, Valguero, named "ARK Asia Thailand x10 PvE Valguero", and I haven't been able to login since yesterday. when I try to connect I get the error: "Please ensure the server you are attempting to join is running the latest version of all Mod content" I have no idea who runs this server, is there a place I can find admin info so I can msg them?
  5. Thanks, I think you confirmed what I was suspecting, it's the Deino DOT that causes the issue. I'm raising my Rex now so I can try with them. I'm on a very good, peaceful server, which means the performance is quite good, however hardly any people only when I am. I also prefer to solo since i'm trying learn everything the hard way and not rely on any help lol. Thanks again!
  6. Bad news, just did easy mode, killed the dragon first and 40 element and a gamma dragon trophy was in my inventory. The dead body remained, nothing inside it. I happened to got stuck on the tail, then my Yuty got knocked unconscious. I continued on 1 of the Deino. The Mega boss was killed, but don't know what happened to the body. The Manticore was also killed and vanished upon dying, no body to search. I ended up leaving with only 1 trophy, 40 element, and 3 flags...
  7. Element is super light though, and all my deinos are 200+ weight and holding nothing other than the saddle. I'm on a Yuty and not attacking. The Daeo is 1000+ weight and didn't have anything in it's inventory. Most of the Deino had some hide and meat (1 stack of each), doesn't weigh that much though. I'll check the bosses next time, i'll test easy mode again before I try the hardest mode. Wanted to clear this issue up first before I do that one.
  8. I'm playing PvE on Valguero. The first time I did the gamma level attack and got 90 element, which is correct. I then did beta level but got 0. None of my Deinos died. I then did beta level a second time and only got 90, which is the amount you're supposed to get from killing Manticore, but I didn't get any from the other 2 bosses. What am I doing wrong? How can I ensure I get all the element from these boss attacks? None of my tames are dying, and i've checked all their inventory.
  9. I was just about to start a boss fight on the Valguero server I connect to, I thought it would be a smart thing to do by restarting the game first. When I try to start the game, it did an auto update to 325.6, but after I look for the server, it's only showing servers that are 325.6, the one I connect to is not listed! Does that mean I can't play the game again until the server has been patched? I'm standing at the Obelisk with 16 Deino on "attack target", I imagine when I eventually get back online they are all gone!!! Edit: The server just showed up in the list, version 325.6. I g
  10. I woke up to 6 dead deino babies, they ran out of food and died just before I logged in. Sadly I had plenty of food, there just wasn't enough in the trough! So today I mostly just cried.
  11. That's why I only play PvE. It's a limited experience, but can't deal with all those cheats and trolls. It's just too much work to maintain this game then have someone ruin all your hard work due to cheating.
  12. I paid S$42 (Singapore) recently and was disappointed that it didn't include that much in the price, not able to play many of the maps.
  13. I didn't find that much info on this online, other than a video on youtube which was very helpful. I did find some additional locations on my travel too, so here's the list, hope it helps someone! 46.6 89.5 46.5 92.9 57.4 91.1 67.9 95.1 78.2 95.3 82.1 94.9 (deino nest, rock elementals!) 61.8 84.9 59.8 75.0 79.2 72.5 70.0 69.7? (from youtube but never found) 67.2 60.5 68.7 57.3 72.5 52.6 54.2 33.4 44.7 39.2 43.8 38.2 39.3 35.3 36.6 33.4 30.9 38.9 (pond, beware scorps) 29.2 42.7 35.2 48.5 43.0 42.5 44.4 42.9 49.8 46.0 20.1 78
  14. I'm running my windows at 3840x2160, and below is my ARK settings. Anything strange? It doesn't seem right that my mouse is able to leave the window.
  15. I found out it's purely to do with the mouse. If I look up, it makes my mouse move up, until it eventually ends probably 1 pixel above my game window, then the mouse cursor becomes visible. Then when I right click, it's clicking behind the ARK window, which in the pics below is my desktop (black background). Below pics are when I look up, and when I right click.
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