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  1. DiamondHawk8

    Im stuck in rag

    nvm i renstalled the game and i worked aparentally if u transfer from an ooficial abb server to an official rag server u can still open ob but u cant transfer
  2. DiamondHawk8

    Im stuck in rag

    after transfering from aberration to ragnorok im stuck and cant transfer anywhere else please help
  3. DiamondHawk8

    help i cant get skins

    yes i made sure it was checked and even created a new character on abb and still nothing
  4. DiamondHawk8

    help i cant get skins

    it says you can get the sword just by purchasing abberation
  5. DiamondHawk8

    help i cant get skins

    so i bought abberation and i would really like to get the skins but for some reason i dont have them and i noticed some weird things here are some pics so it says i have it installeed and even says i have it in my library but i can still add it to cart and if i add it to cart i get this pand the skins arent showing up no matter what so plz help
  6. DiamondHawk8

    I dont have the abberation skins

    no im on pc (oops im in wrong support)
  7. so i bought abberation and i still dont have any of the skins that come with it plz help
  8. DiamondHawk8

    Base Defense

    well if you are a tek gear then tek turrets and tek forcefeilds are the way to go also you could put tek behmoth gates also its a good idea to have defense dinos like golems
  9. DiamondHawk8

    More Engram Points

    I havent done research on if you can unlock every engram with blueprints but i will look into it but i doubt it. also even if this was the case getting all the blueprtnts would be very difficult I also just learned that all engrams with DLC cost a total of 8220 points
  10. DiamondHawk8

    More Engram Points

    its with both and thats why they need to add more engram points
  11. DiamondHawk8

    More Engram Points

    the level cap is 131 which give you about 4300 points however you need closer to 5000 points to unlock them all
  12. DiamondHawk8

    More Engram Points

    Ok so I know this must have been said before but I really thing there should be more engram points or at least allow surviovors to get more than normal in the expansions so they can have items fro m the island and the items from all the expansions I also think it should be possible to unlock all engrams because you dont want to just program all these great things into the game and then make it so players cannot use them all the points could be hard to get (just not insane, like get every achivment or find all explorer notes on all maps) but there should be the option for the dedicated players to unlock all the things this great game has to offer
  13. DiamondHawk8

    error message pls help

    I have gerring this error message for the past week and i cant play plz help
  14. DiamondHawk8


    Update at this point the second i join the game my screen just goes black and freezes
  15. DiamondHawk8


    Ok so this problem i have been dealing with for 2 weeks and basically when I go on a server single player or multiplayer If im inside a house im fine but when I go outside I get 1 or 2 lag spikes and then the game freezes and crashes i have tried verifying the game files and it did nothing plz help and also the game doesnt close out after it freezes im jsut forced to end it with task manager