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  1. I want to speak to admin... Right I've sent numerous emails, highlighted a few issues and the wildcard devs are not responding. I'm getting bored of this game fast. Constant rebuilding to some poop kid in a mech. I've spent a lot of money on this game for me and my 3 kids to play this together and it's a defaulted product. You encourage high levels to hit and wreck low levels. They don't even take your stuff, they just destroy everything. Now my 4 year old is distraught and for the money I have paid, I think I deserve better customer support than you offer.
  2. It had walls, ceiling, smithy, forge
  3. Really, that your help, I play with my boy and his friends, I'm not complaining about the farming, part of the game but I was looking for some clarification on what hapoened
  4. Please help Right I'm really getting frustrated by this game. Apart from level 100+ farming us nightly, I've now got less than 24 hours before my structures decay. I laid a new base after the Russian bears destroyed mine with a 303 mech last night. Only thatch as it was late and I had work today. Also caught a few dinos while doing my construction, forge, smithy etc. The surprise I had when I log on to read my thatch floor has been decay destroyed. Less than 20 hours after I laid it all. Nothing about the rest. My dinos have gone except one. No explanation in my tribe log except about my tha
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