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  1. Personal Computer - PVE

    At least I did not loose my character.  He did have a few items like the axe and pick and they made it.  Had to open the entire client back up again which is a headache.



    Then click your name first before entering.  Good luck all.  Hope this gets worked out soon.

  2. Has WC addressed fixing the Login Lock glitch yet?  It froze my entire computer.  It would not even let me press the "Ok" button.


    Personal Computer, PVE, moving just a character in underwear from Ragnarok to Center.

  3. I would sign the petition except I cannot seem to make an extra email these days without them requiring my telephone number which I refuse to give.  I don't want some random petition freeware selling my main email either.  Not that I don't support your petition but I don't give out email or phone number.

  4. Flyer speed reflects on dedication you have to playing.  It is one of the millions of drag-you-downs to slow your progress so you do not fill the server up with giant laggy buidings and pillars.  I agree I want to see something done to flyer speed but not this.  Not as things are currently with the lag on vanilla official multiplayer.

    If WC could find a better balance for the server overloads.  Stop freeze framing us with server saves.  Put a restriction on number of constructions a day.  Penalize tribes so they have no advantage over single players.  Then yes plz let us level flying speed again.  

    But as things are you will just lag crash on official anyway so no point in it.

    On unofficial there are mods already for this if you really want it back so bad go play where you will not lag an official.

  5. Agree with OP.  Windmill generator work togethers got to frustrating for me.  Add official lag and omg just forget it. 

    In my play I think I discovered something maybe.  This lines up with real life so I would be impressed if it was true.  But it might just be Ragnarok.  The higher up you go the more likely you are to find better wind.  Build a windmill as tall as an obolisk and you will get 100% wind.  Not experimented with it yet; when I was about to try I got trolled off my server (unofficial) by someone who falsely accused me of attacking their base (pve with some pvp enabled).  I was just trying to get a wild rex to my rex trap on another side of the map.  I marched him through a lot backyards on my merry way.  They thought (or pretended to think) I was leading it to their bases and called the entire server in on attacking me.  It was a human pack mentality.  I swear people make me sick sometimes.  This is what comes of teaching people Darwinizm; you think of yourselves as animals and have no higher standards than kill, crap, and mate.  So windmill experiment never happened as the admin kicked me from the server for something I did not do.  Feral beasts.

  6. A Container For Storing Organic Polymer

    And maybe a flyer pet that gives extended time to organic polymer but is fast so it can keep up with your main flyer.  And maybe more creatures besides just penguins that you can harvest organic polymer from.  The dead dolphins are not enough as their spawn is rare and the beaches they spawn on are usually overrun with player population destroying their already to infrequent spawn in.  And a higher stack number because 10 is just not good.  Higher stack would make it last longer.

  7. What level unlock engram is the AA Generator?

    This AA stuff is all over my engrams.  Tons of this stuff.  But no generator.  So I ask my server admin what is the deal with this and she says, "It opens when you get to level 100." 

    You mean to tell me that the one device that runs all this stuff, stuff you can unlock before level 100, cannot be engram purchased until you are level 100?  When you most likely are not going to have any engrams left?

    Why would you not make the AA Generator unlock at level 1? 





  8. Ignore those ping relates they are never right no matter who is showing them; least of all Battlemetrics.  My best servers show 200+ ping on sites and when I get in it's ping is more like in the 15'ns.  There is no way to know if a server will be good.  Not by ping.  Not by distance from your local.  Nothing except by word of mouth or getting in there yourself and testing it.  

    However, official will always be bad.  If not immediately right now this instant it will get bad.  And unofficial will always outshine official in this, with a few exceptions. 

    But unofficial has it's own problems like poor management or corrupted mods.  If you are on pc and trying a bunch of unofficials you may have bloated your mods folder.  A congested mods folder can actually break the game.  Only fix is to do some time consuming folder cleanup.*  Most players are not at this level of experience in gaming.



    • Unsubbing does not get rid of corrupt mods.  This process can take up to and over four hours.  Do not skip the verify integrity part!
    • Unsub to mods you do not want on Steam and close out of steam completely
    • Delete your \steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods folder 
    • Delete your \steamapps\workshop\content\346110 folder
    • Restart your computer and launch Steam
    • From Steam Library section, right-click on Ark Survival game and select Properties from the menu
    • Select the Local files tab and click the Verify Integrity of game files button
    • Wait long time do not shut down until done.

    So, not only do you have to find a spot on the map that is not pillar'ed.  You also have to find a server-map that runs well.  

    Good luck.

  9. Please say what platform you are on.  I think this is mainly an Xbox problem?

    Btw, the problem with servers not appearing on PC might be connected to a firewall called Webroot.  Uninstalling the virus protect fixes but shutting Webroot off does not.  Only a few people mentioned it.  I was not one of them just relating.  


  10. Bonus during off times instead of high pop times.

    Please bring back taming bonus.  Execute all bonus'es at off hours during the mid week.  Like pizza restaurant's do with their come in and get reduced price and in the fine print it is during a time no one ever visits.

    This is lag prevention.  No more enticing to many players to join all at the same time.  If you redirect the players to join in the least populated time many will change their schedules so the high pop times will just be a normal pop as half the player base is now sleeping irl.

    And we can get our taming bonus back on official pve which we miss very much.

  11. Was there a patch slowed egg lay rate down or...

    ... is this a bug glitch?  In the last three months give or take I have seen a dramatic reduction in the egg lay of my pets.  Now, I do not know if this is a broken game dynamic?  Or if it is in relation to moving your egg layers to another map/server?   Or if there is actually code in place that takes into account the age of dino?  

    Now, I know about the oviraptor and I used to never use one.  I was like my pets lay eggs so much I do not need it.  But now.  I went and got this oviraptor and it changed NOTHING.  If anything, it has gotten worse.  They have that little egg lay symbol floating over their heads yet nothing.  No eggs at all.  And yeah I know about standing around the egg layers so that they remain in live time active.

    So am I dealing with a legit bug?  Or was this intended to slow down breeders to prevent official dino pop server clogging?

    My unofficials are also bad in the egg lay btw.  pc-pve

  12. Is it legal for unofficial servers to charge a fee?

    Or harass players into paying a surcharge for protection against trolls and/or being kicked after they have well established on that unoff server?  Is there anyone, youtube or otherwise, calling attention to corruption on unofficial servers?  Mainly focused on pve-pc but welcome to hear from all platforms etc.

  13. How the Thanksgiving Event could have been improved.

    Next time please let there be a taming bonus.  The colors were good.  The autumn trees were good.  But leaving out new players because they don't have what it takes to do an event, esp an event based on the spirit of Thanks Giving, which is about including all people in all blessings, is oxymoronic.   That would be like me catering a barmitzvah and forgetting to bring the teenage boy.    Or a wedding that didn't allow brides to attend.  You left out the most important thing, Thanksgiving was about sharing with newbs.  And newbs can only get disemboweled by these evil Turkeys.  

    Next time can you instead let us tame the turkeys?  Maybe add a slaughter option to their wheel that would turn them into a raw turkey that would give a fine taming bonus but not expire as quick as prime.

    Please stop it with the skins already.  Just.  Stop.

  14. NA-PVE-68 Ragnarok Complete Crash

    We need more official Ragnarok maps in pve multiplayer.  All the ones available are bursting full and dysfunctional because of this.  It is not a land grab and/or pillar problem.  It is not an event problem.  It is not adding more s+ update problem.  It is an ongoing problem where Rag is just simply the very most coveted map in ark.  You need more Rag maps.

  15. 24 minutes ago, akira13126 said:

    At least your able to play. After update my game crashes at load screen


    If you were using mods previously and you are on pc you prob need to clean mod folders and verify integrity - steam varient.  This all assumes you have drivers updated, are using at least medium speed internet, with good wifi or C5 / C6 ethernet.  And that your rig can handle it.  

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