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  1. Please say what platform you are on. I think this is mainly an Xbox problem? Btw, the problem with servers not appearing on PC might be connected to a firewall called Webroot. Uninstalling the virus protect fixes but shutting Webroot off does not. Only a few people mentioned it. I was not one of them just relating.
  2. Bonus during off times instead of high pop times. Please bring back taming bonus. Execute all bonus'es at off hours during the mid week. Like pizza restaurant's do with their come in and get reduced price and in the fine print it is during a time no one ever visits. This is lag prevention. No more enticing to many players to join all at the same time. If you redirect the players to join in the least populated time many will change their schedules so the high pop times will just be a normal pop as half the player base is now sleeping irl. And we can get our taming bonus back on official pve which we miss very much.
  3. Was there a patch slowed egg lay rate down or... ... is this a bug glitch? In the last three months give or take I have seen a dramatic reduction in the egg lay of my pets. Now, I do not know if this is a broken game dynamic? Or if it is in relation to moving your egg layers to another map/server? Or if there is actually code in place that takes into account the age of dino? Now, I know about the oviraptor and I used to never use one. I was like my pets lay eggs so much I do not need it. But now. I went and got this oviraptor and it changed NOTHING. If anything, it has gotten worse. They have that little egg lay symbol floating over their heads yet nothing. No eggs at all. And yeah I know about standing around the egg layers so that they remain in live time active. So am I dealing with a legit bug? Or was this intended to slow down breeders to prevent official dino pop server clogging? My unofficials are also bad in the egg lay btw. pc-pve
  4. Is it legal for unofficial servers to charge a fee? Or harass players into paying a surcharge for protection against trolls and/or being kicked after they have well established on that unoff server? Is there anyone, youtube or otherwise, calling attention to corruption on unofficial servers? Mainly focused on pve-pc but welcome to hear from all platforms etc.
  5. How the Thanksgiving Event could have been improved. Next time please let there be a taming bonus. The colors were good. The autumn trees were good. But leaving out new players because they don't have what it takes to do an event, esp an event based on the spirit of Thanks Giving, which is about including all people in all blessings, is oxymoronic. That would be like me catering a barmitzvah and forgetting to bring the teenage boy. Or a wedding that didn't allow brides to attend. You left out the most important thing, Thanksgiving was about sharing with newbs. And newbs can only get disemboweled by these evil Turkeys. Next time can you instead let us tame the turkeys? Maybe add a slaughter option to their wheel that would turn them into a raw turkey that would give a fine taming bonus but not expire as quick as prime. Please stop it with the skins already. Just. Stop.
  6. November 24 Val558 Official pve down again. We are getting kicked and rollbacked repeatedly. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4783941
  7. I got it to work once on poop and the poop had to be touching for it to work. If this was it's intent it is useless. It should respond to a larger radius around the player character. And not just to objects that touch each other.
  8. NA-PVE-68 Ragnarok Complete Crash We need more official Ragnarok maps in pve multiplayer. All the ones available are bursting full and dysfunctional because of this. It is not a land grab and/or pillar problem. It is not an event problem. It is not adding more s+ update problem. It is an ongoing problem where Rag is just simply the very most coveted map in ark. You need more Rag maps.
  9. If you were using mods previously and you are on pc you prob need to clean mod folders and verify integrity - steam varient. This all assumes you have drivers updated, are using at least medium speed internet, with good wifi or C5 / C6 ethernet. And that your rig can handle it.
  10. I thought it was for eggs only. This will be really neat if it works. Thanks for the heads up on the cryopods, Lise. Think I will only use this experimentally on stuff I do not care about atm. Was this an s+ mod that got implemented? If they are going to go full out on implementing mods into vanilla then maybe we ought to be suggesting the finest of the mods that are out there. At a guess that would be those eco mods tho I've not used them myself.
  11. Why are there colored dinos but no taming boost? Doesn't that make the colorful dinos pointless?
  12. To Many Players On Official Servers - No Funnel Not enough is being done to promote unofficial servers. There needs to be a bigger funnel leading official multiplayers off and away from official. I can tell them all day night they would not suffer lag if they moved to unoff but they simply will not go. They don't listen. They do not read the advertisements. They do not make the effort. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT IS INSANELY INCONVENIENT TO JOIN UNOFFICIAL SERVERS I have been telling you this all along but you will not listen to me. CONNECT UNOFFICIAL SERVERS TO OFFICIAL SERVERS ON A ONE WAY LEADING OUT OF OFFICIAL Get rid of the damn death skins they are annoying. Maybe instead use that line of code to drop in some very special coveted not found in the game anywhere else rewards to those who leave an official and join an unoff. Turn it in to an event! Offer it every three months for three days take everything you own and LEAVE. Do something nice to promote unofficial. FUNNEL PEOPLE OFF OFFICIAL AND ONTO UNOFFICIAL WE ARE TO CROWDED AND IT IS LAGGING US TO DEATH !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Request 3rd Gamma Option Two gamma options that we can set a keybind are awesome love that. But a third would be nice. Also, please make the Advanced Settings Auto Chatbox a keybound option instead of only an open up your options and find it.
  14. More Corporate To Player Base Communication You do not legally have to do this. And yes, I notice that WC leaves lots of notices for much of what they do. Which is appreciated! But I did not need to go through the stress you just put me through. If you SUDDENLY shut an OFFICIAL server down for more than four hours PLZ COMMUNICATE WITH US. Not a general go look at the CoC. More of an updated what you are doing to help our server in words that don't sound haughty and over-our-non-programmer heads to understand. It might be viable for you to invest in a Public Relations Executive. Not a forum mod, not a GM, but a person assigned to placate the public who players can do a "call out to" by typing their name on these forums. This person is up to date in all the sudden disasters and off-line incidents or can get the info. They have good people skills. In Elder Scrolls Online it was a girl named Gina and she was good at calming the public down and keeping us informed on emergency updates. Also, our server is still broke.
  15. Lol, thanks Invincibleqc. How do you stare at this stuff all day long and stay sane? You're a good egg even if you're a grumpy troll sometimes.
  16. Are you on 558 it's under attack atm.
  17. Our server has been hijacked. Who actually owns the server? Some hacker has it, don't they? Turning the server into a pvp server is not fixing things. What you are doing does not make any logical sense.
  18. We might get more attention if we could all stick together and post in one single post. Maybe invincibleqc could combine them for us, please?
  19. It's been turned into a pvp server. I think WC mistook it for a Legacy. We have lost all our stuffs by now. My dinos are dead from starvation. This so sucks. Makes me wonder about that one guy who was downloading titans repeatedly for three weeks now. He know something the rest of us did not?
  20. For a minute I thought maybe it is just me. But Battlemetrics is showing people logging in and getting kicked.
  21. Have you lost your freaking minds??????????????????????????????????????? What are doing!
  22. Official Val558 Inaccessible Over 24hrs Locked Now Has PVP status when was PVE DILO is going on, plz?
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