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  1. pc - Rag68 - down https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/448954 I was left standing in my fruit-a-looms. Plz fix so I can go put my pants back on. Thx.
  2. I absolutely hate auto kick in every mmo I have played because it is BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION OF ALL DEVS IN ANY KNOWN UNIVERSE TO MAKE AUTO KICK AFTER A COMPLETE HOUR HAS TRANSPIRED. Why do they think it must always be 15 BeLoVeD MiNuTeS! No one can poop in 15 minutes or less. N O O N E
  3. lol someone always spoilers Imma gonna want that turtle.
  4. What is the cosmetic pet gonna be? How do you make a pet cosmetic? No inventory space?
  5. I think the "bug" is that the war can start before every tribe leader has clicked an agree checkbox?
  6. They just put that up. Before it said something about Xbox.
  7. If it was steam maintenance wouldn't every game thru steam also be having problems? But it is only ark?
  8. I was in game when this happened and chat was lit with people angry about not being able to transfer. PC Official.
  9. Steam is going nuts with people who cannot log in. That is PC not Xbox.
  10. Can't imagine what you might be talking about unless you're referring to skyrim mods that turn everything into hot supermodels.
  11. It's Elvis. I knew he faked his death. Finally, the king has returned. Three days to get All Shook Up!
  12. Gonna put out how to optimize in case anyone wants it: As far as single player everyone's game crashes. I used to keep a backup of my single player game but it took way to much time to copy files over. Still did it anyway.
  13. I don't crash much. Multiplayer. I have no idea why I don't have problems like others do. I used Nvida optimize then turned down a few settings. I have a harder time keeping my iphone (actually roommate's iphone) or steam's interface open than this game. Maybe it's those elderly grandma's praying to Jesus to keep my undead self running threw an extra holy charge on the pc as well. Keep my drivers and my java updated.
  14. Neither. It's the Unreal engine the game was made on. This is why we always go Unity, children. Or build the engine yourself if from [][][]. Turn your graphics down.
  15. Because you're a communist and nothing goes right in an even more oppressive social order than commercialism?
  16. Single player is for testing builds or finding locations on a map. Empty of all wilds. Cheat spawn in everything. Would think it would be easy but copy n paste from the wiki everything you need as fast as you can so you test. Then get back to official multiplayer before decay timers. It's actually hard to do. Each tested build or run thru a cave in SP takes up my entire night/day. Then I have to fight depression because I ignored things in real life I should have taken care of. At least I have been faithful to continue my studies.
  17. Be Able To Delete Our Own Threads/Posts Title ^^^
  18. How is your internet connection, both you and your friend? Are you using high speed internet? Recommend Cat6 or above and not wiifi. Make sure your router/modem is up to date. Might want to try resetting your IP sometimes helps cause something something smarter than me cache files something something. But I cannot emphasis enough if playing online multiplayer games you really need to use a high grade ethernet cord.
  19. lol we already have that in the real players Here is my wish if we are going the NPC route - NPC servants that do basic stuff like pick up poops and feed plants - like in Fallout. Lol but I'm imaging using a bola to catch these guys and it's giggles city here.
  20. We need a pet to counter piranha. Piranha are to over powered. We need an easy low level pet to counter them. EASY TO GET LOWER LEVEL pet.
  21. Optional 1hr inactive auto log out In settings an optional checkbox to be auto logged out of the game entirely - not bumped to loading screen - if your character is inactive. This option would help if you do not have time to completely unload your game because you need to run off and do some IRL thingy stat. DO NOT make this a 15 UNoptional procedure like in other mmorpgs cause that is bad. Very very bad. DO NOT make it throw us into the loading screen. Loading screen runs just as hard and hot on the PC as the game itself.
  22. Not really sure what happened here. It is not possible for your pets to get stolen on official pve. Could you explain more? And if English is not your first language that is okay but you actually just told us that you stole your own pets. Are you trying to say that you allowed a stranger into your tribe and they took your pets and left?
  23. This is a hot topic. I do not have the newer nvidia graphic card but you know my pc will die eventually and may end up with it. I know of hundreds of people who cannot play Ark but bought it because of this specific issue. On a side note WC might want to care a little more about those Linux people as well.
  24. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1532536866796972
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