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  1. More Colored Dinos n Events There has never been an ark event done in January, May, August, or September. This Easter was bad because servers overrun with to many players, dupers and ddos'ers crashing us so hard we never had a chance to get any colored pets. And Easter has the best colors. Could we get a few more tiny events adding the less used colors on dinos? As in no more red and green. Blues, purples, yellows are missing from most events. AUGUST - How about Friendship Day? August also sports a Campfire Day and a S'mores Day.
  2. Scuba Auto Shut Off I'm really tired of loosing scuba chest piece and flippers because of lag spikes. I have to take these things on and off on and off on and off. If you place scuba gear in your inventory during a lag spike it does not appear in your inventory after the spike is over. It just deletes it. Could we just get an auto shut off for the oxygen when coming up out of the water? So at least I will not loose the most expensive piece.
  3. ark has a problem with item theft, meshing, duping, rmt and ddos attacks so some people are quitting and giving ark bad reviews I personally feel like Ark is an innovator of the 3d fancy roaming mob mmorpg's and in all that has done rather well considering the steep lonely climb. Policing people in fantasy game settings is the next age challenge. Wish people would hold themselves to a higher standard. But if they can cheat they will cheat. Some fascination with being able to get away with something not allowed. It shows a lack of respect for yourself and your fellows to cheat or damage a game.
  4. dutch to english ddos and dupping I already play on server 61 at center. these servers but also superiors that i join to scout are dosed again and again. I have lost an enormous amount of tames. I'm a bit done with this now. there is a possibility that ark will do something against it so that this is no longer possible. because now it seems to belong in the game. with kind regards, Jordy
  5. Suggest Engrams Cannot Buy Other Engrams All I wanted was the engram Electrical Outlet. I had the blueprints for the other electrical stuffs already. Just wanted Electrical Outlet. I click it and now I have purchased a Generator and a Straight Cable as well. That would be like me going to Walmart to buy Donuts for the wify and kids and some irate cash clerk hostilely grabbing a bag of Doritos off the stand and a Lighter, throwing them in my bag, grabbing my credit card out of my hand and ringing them all up with a greedy evil grin while I stood shocked. I'm like, but I did not come here to pay for Doritos and a Lighter. I don't smoke and wify already bought the kids Doritos at a gas station yesterday. The kids want Donuts. JUST DONUTS. Only donuts. To bad. Your engram moneys buys this Generator and a Straight Cable because you showed up at Ark-Walmart SUCKER. Could you NOT buy stuff with my engram points I did not ask for. Ruins the already redundant point of even collecting these dumb repetitive sup drop blue prints. You are going to make me pay for it anyway.
  6. Why are we being subjected to transport timers? When traveling between maps is so risky? We could loose our character. We need to be able to move fast after the last crash to avoid risk of being deleted. Yet we have to stand waiting for 15 minutes?? Why do we still have these timers? Isn't the risk of getting our character deleted enough punishment?
  7. New Servers Unparalleled Success This is the breath of life Ark Multiplayer needs. This fix works. But we need more. My rag server was bad during the easter event. It got an upgrade. Now... it's still bad. Just not as bad. But it crashes every four hours making it unplayable. Which is better than what it was doing before. That is a broken game. However if you look at the new rag pve server despite it being population maxed out it is holding up with NO CRASHES. Guys. Guyyyysz. Dis is da way. We need more wiped servers. The older a server gets the more poopy it goes to until at some point its not even fit for a compost bin. Can we destroy all old servers wiping everything and create new ones? For pve. Pvp don't need it. They clean themselves up with killing each other off. If you do anything for pvp change their gameplay so beach bobs have a chance against mega tribes (hint pvevp three months to build three months to die; wipe, rinse, repeat). Pve servers need new Ragnaroks !!! Many new Rags. Look the new server below is at max I cannot even join:
  8. Off68RagPvE Crash 4hrs exactly before & after fix You would think that Rag pc steam pve official 68 crashing EXACTLY FOUR HOURS APART since before the server fix and after the server fix would give a huge hint as to what the problem is. What is happening every four hours on ragnarok that causes the server to get overly stressed? Exactly every four hours.
  9. Still waiting for Genesis to go on Steam sale. I have medical bills to pay living in the USA with no health/dental insurance. Always for me be frugal. Map sounds exciting. I watched youtubers. Oh well someday I guess I can go over too.
  10. Okay thx. Nice to know I'm still allowed to speak my mind.
  11. Why am I getting a "pending approval" on my forum suggestions? Have you lost your minds? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of suggestions if it run through a moderators opinion first? Then it is not my suggestion but the moderator's suggestion. You took all power out of my hands and gave it to the forum mods. That is not policing. That is infringement of rights. If the moderator does not like my ideas they can kill it before it ever reaches public opinion. This is a communist act.
  12. OIL WELL DECAY TIMER REMOVED I am the one who complained that other tribes were putting oil wells on my land, locking them, being rude cause it was my back yard and they could prance in and collect THEIR oil. I thought this was creepy. In answer to my whining the timers on all oil wells got nerfed so hard you have to log in daily to keep a well. This is crap gameplay. One more tedious thing. Now no one wants to put down oil wells because it is considered a waste of time and materials. They are going to decay before we get back. This was not a solution. It is a dev distributed punishment for asking for help. Bad godding. ------- ヽ(*`Д´)ノ ---------- WE CANNOT KEEP OIL WELLS THE DECAY TIMER IS TO SHORT !!! ------- \`•̀益•́´/ -------- I then made a suggestion here that oil wells left unlocked have the decay timer removed but oil wells locked keep a decay timer. That got ignored. Now I'm back on the forum with a different suggestion. Please fix these oil well decay timers they are making us all miserable. JUST REMOVE THE DECAY TIMER AND REMOVE THE ABILITY TO LOCK BOTH
  13. Official has had nonstop breeding event which means meat runs. I always leave 150's alone esp rex or argi. But on a meat run I'm gonna clear the field asap and there can be accidents. Guessing everyone else same. TheIsland is bad map for 150's. And in chat everyone is talking afraid to map jump on chance loosing character.
  14. Do not park your giant turtle on beach bobs' spawn. It might be lag that caused me to fall but there was also a turtle next to me. Because I'm high enough level I survived half health but that would have been an insta death for a newbie. I think we are falling through the turtle's mesh during spawn in. Or maybe it was just lag. But I fell at the spawn site and that has never happened before. Better safe than sorry be polite and don't park your turtles on spawns. I love you guys' turtles their great. This is not an insult to your turtle collection. Just a precaution. Esp since people are loosing their chars when changing servers. There was a long pause of white screen lag before the fall. Teleporting is considered high risk atm.
  15. Anyone else ever kicked idle? Anyone else ever been kicked from a server got a popup said, "character idle to long you have been kicked" - when sitting in a wood chair? Is this a thing? Or just some weird mod on unofficial steam pc? If this is a thing now why would you punish someone for buying the engram and building a wooden chair? Chairs are for watching over incubating eggs and giving a boost to personal stats so you don't dehydrate or starve while char is watching over eggs. Anyone else ever been kicked with a character idle popup?
  16. Cowgirl the reason people, tribe or solo, pillar is so the servers will not get overrun. And so we don't get locked out of our servers if a mega builds to close. And so we have some land to actually hunt on. And to protect spawns near your base so you don't have to risk loosing your character when the game freezes traveling all over the map looking for materials that once were right next to your base. Possibly the reason you built there. We do not want giant mega tribes building huge tek bases all dinos out next to our tiny log cabins so we cannot even log back in because we cannot render that much all at once. We cannot live in ark like it was a real life city. WE MUST SPREAD OUT AND BUILD SMALL. Mega moves in on your left. Mega moves in on your right. Mega behind you. Mega in front of you. They leave out ALL their wyverns in so many pretty colors. They leave out ALL their yuties. They leave out ALL their rexes. Claim to be breeding them yet they are never logged in to the server and one day a giant turtle is sitting on the top their base. This is not having dinos out to breed. This is leaving them out to lag us to death while you go play Genesis. Isn't that thing suppose to be in the water??? Why is it I see it everywhere EXCEPT the water? One more dino left out so you can brag you have better stuffs than me. WC refused to recognize they cannot keep inviting 70 people to play on a server without restrictions to keep the server running smoothly. Restrictions like not allowing oceanic players on NA servers. Restrictions like reducing the number of dinos allowed outside of cryopods. Restrictions like not allowing mega tribes to have an advantage over solo players and build an entire base in one night of tek. Pillars are the least of our problems. Pillars do not lag a server. LEAVING ALL YOUR DINOS OUT AND INVITING ALL OF CHINA TO PLAY ON NA SERVERS DOES. But hay we can always go play on a modded unofficial until it breaks with the next update and the personally-owned-server-admin quits dragging us all down with them. All pve work gone while pvp'ers laugh at us pve'ers and go: MEME dude in hangman's noose "First time?"
  17. What does May15 server transfers mean? What is wrong with these servers that they have to wait until the 15th to be open to the public? They are not the new Genesis dlc. I don't understand this. New Server Transfers These were the latest servers added in tandem with our free weekend. Similarly to Genesis One servers, on May the 15th, they’ll also have their transfers enabled: EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland705 EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter706 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland707 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter708 EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok709 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok710 EU-PVP-Official-Valguero711 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland712 EU-PVE-Official-Valguero713 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter714 EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok715 EU-PVP-Official-Valguero716 NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland717 NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter718 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland719 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter720 NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok721 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok722 NA-PVP-Official-Valguero723 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland724 NA-PVE-Official-Valguero725 NA-PVP-Official-TheCenter726 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok727 NA-PVP-Official-Valguero728
  18. Keeping at it while rage screaming profanities seemed to work for me . I must have destroyed over 100 beehives before I just got lucky and a lady bee did not hate me. Tried all kinds of things like up close with weapons from axe to chainsaw etc. Almost used c4 charge on a pillar like some forum suggested but never got around to that. I'm an animal guy and c4 cost my solo lowbie self to much. So I just kept hitting hives with all kinds of animals. Of course I tried bear first but it always kills the lady bee. If I slowed down and waiting between hits might work with bear but I get bored and space off while breaking the multiple hives. Tried dimorphodons. Again got bored spaced off and they would kill the queen before I thought to call them back. Dims take to long to destroy hive and I'm to sleepy to keep alert. I ended up using argies cause that is what I have usually. Whistle at the hive(s) with a group of argies from a distance and keep clicking attack then passive then attack then passive back and forth. Watch for lady queeny to pop out. When she does and if argies don't kill her get argies whistled back to you quick. Wearing ghillie armor spray yourself with bug-be-gone and follow the lady about (have a guess she will not feed from you if you are not covered in spray but don't know for certain). She'll hate on you pooping bees out her butt to sting you but ignore them and run up to her and click her with food of choice equipped far right. If she is a glitched bee she will not have the passive click to feed. If she is not glitched quickly feed before her minions strip you naked. You can use flowers but don't. She needs to be a fast tame. So kibble it. She goes all over hill and dale leading you into lakes and off cliffs and into angry enemies while pooping minions of contempt at you. Anything more just watch a youtube vid get an idea what's up.
  19. Not my dinos it was rex on official ragnarok. The eggs hatched nothing came out. Only two. Other eggs hatched as well those rexes came out of eggs fine. I guess you can search for missing unclaimed babies with a parasaur alert? pc-pve-steam
  20. I think original poster means need to stop all crossplay with the win10 version. OP wasn't talking about Steam players. Microsoft owns xbox and windows 10 this is kinda MS's poop hill. At least no one was dumb enough to try and VR ark.
  21. pc pve official extinction 454 is unplayable freezing kicked goes offline for one minute long enough not to be registered as a complete crash on battlemetric but it is crashing constantly
  22. Restrict how many pets a tribe is allowed to have out. There are players who are refusing to cryo their pets. They just leave them out on display for bragging rights. Hundreds of pets. I think it is time to crack down on this. WC cannot afford the cost of constantly replacing server hardware. Please put a restriction on tribes/players they can have only 50 dinos outside of cryo at a time. More complex an idea would be to offer rewards for keeping your pets cryo'd. Say a tribe has gone one month without releasing more than 15 pets at a given time they receive a tribal boost to all rates for a week. Perhaps get rid of increased rates for all on official servers. No more holiday or weekend bonus. Instead make tribes earn their increased rates personally by good server behavior. Official pve only.
  23. [Official Servers] Anyone hatch eggs babies vanish / disappear? Anyone on official multiplayer have a problem at the moment with baby dinos vanishing after hatched? Server not at capacity. Tribe not at capacity. Average lag. Dino not over the high level that we know of. Nothing fell through the floor. Anyone hatched eggs with nothing in them? Not saying what dino or what server without more testing. Want to ask here if any more pc-pve cases. Maybe there is a new bug/glitch.
  24. Did WC let the Chinese Box Tribes hack the game? How is it I and every usa player is getting kicked every 8 minutes from our NA server yet the Chinese players are able to stay logged in constant? It is not our equipment or internet.
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