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  1. Separate Unofficial Client Launcher Mods Scanner Would like a program that detected the mods on an unofficial server and report a complete list of those mods. So you can find those mods before loading the server. So you don't have to repeatedly launch the entire game from scratch. Because ark will load only 1 large mod or 3 small mods at a time. Then tell you your session is timed out. So you have to relaunch the entire game again. Through connect (Steam, Battlemetrics, w/e). Not the game client. Game launcher is one giant list that takes forever to load with crappy sort options. And so you do not have to depend on someone being intuitive enough, and not lazy, to create an up-to-date mod collection on steam for their server. I have made one mod collection on Steam and it was not user friendly. Cause Steam likes to hide options. I should not have to join someone's discord to get their mods page either. tldr: Need launcher that can detect all the mods an unofficial server is running and report them. Need launcher with better search parameters. Need the game to not time out sessions when loading in mods. Need all the mods to load on the first try. Need program scan unoff tell us in advance of joining what mods they are currently running.
  2. If you hate decay timers with all your heart there might be a way to shut them off if you own your own server. I'm not an expert on this would need confirmation.
  3. Always make your pipes out of metal. Keep them in render distance. Put a small hut with a bed in it at render distance to all your objects that are not base located like water pipes or oil drills. I know you need pipes for the cooker at a main base. But if you decided you needed an outpost only want water for drinking use instead metal reservoirs. Most peeps I think get a wyvern and just fly over their properties, pillars, and such. Do not put foundations under pipes no point to that. You can pillar to keep players from building over and around your pipe line just be polite and only pillar what you need. Or move. I have moved my main base over fifty times. It is actually really fun to move. Keep your main base up, make an alt-mule character and run around scouting for a better spot closer to water on dlc maps. Hit a new dlc map when it drops that can be a lot of fun. Just remember to keep a character at your old base so you don't loose it to decay. Once you have moved over completely abandon the old base for the new one. If you are already on a dlc out of the way place long reach to a water hole then yeah just build little huts along your pipeline with beds and teleport to them often enough to keep your pipes always in render distance.
  4. More Colored Dinos n Events There has never been an ark event done in January, May, August, or September. This Easter was bad because servers overrun with to many players, dupers and ddos'ers crashing us so hard we never had a chance to get any colored pets. And Easter has the best colors. Could we get a few more tiny events adding the less used colors on dinos? As in no more red and green. Blues, purples, yellows are missing from most events. AUGUST - How about Friendship Day? August also sports a Campfire Day and a S'mores Day.
  5. Scuba Auto Shut Off I'm really tired of loosing scuba chest piece and flippers because of lag spikes. I have to take these things on and off on and off on and off. If you place scuba gear in your inventory during a lag spike it does not appear in your inventory after the spike is over. It just deletes it. Could we just get an auto shut off for the oxygen when coming up out of the water? So at least I will not loose the most expensive piece.
  6. ark has a problem with item theft, meshing, duping, rmt and ddos attacks so some people are quitting and giving ark bad reviews I personally feel like Ark is an innovator of the 3d fancy roaming mob mmorpg's and in all that has done rather well considering the steep lonely climb. Policing people in fantasy game settings is the next age challenge. Wish people would hold themselves to a higher standard. But if they can cheat they will cheat. Some fascination with being able to get away with something not allowed. It shows a lack of respect for yourself and your fellows to cheat or damage a game.
  7. dutch to english ddos and dupping I already play on server 61 at center. these servers but also superiors that i join to scout are dosed again and again. I have lost an enormous amount of tames. I'm a bit done with this now. there is a possibility that ark will do something against it so that this is no longer possible. because now it seems to belong in the game. with kind regards, Jordy
  8. Suggest Engrams Cannot Buy Other Engrams All I wanted was the engram Electrical Outlet. I had the blueprints for the other electrical stuffs already. Just wanted Electrical Outlet. I click it and now I have purchased a Generator and a Straight Cable as well. That would be like me going to Walmart to buy Donuts for the wify and kids and some irate cash clerk hostilely grabbing a bag of Doritos off the stand and a Lighter, throwing them in my bag, grabbing my credit card out of my hand and ringing them all up with a greedy evil grin while I stood shocked. I'm like, but I did not come here to pay for Doritos and a Lighter. I don't smoke and wify already bought the kids Doritos at a gas station yesterday. The kids want Donuts. JUST DONUTS. Only donuts. To bad. Your engram moneys buys this Generator and a Straight Cable because you showed up at Ark-Walmart SUCKER. Could you NOT buy stuff with my engram points I did not ask for. Ruins the already redundant point of even collecting these dumb repetitive sup drop blue prints. You are going to make me pay for it anyway.
  9. Why are we being subjected to transport timers? When traveling between maps is so risky? We could loose our character. We need to be able to move fast after the last crash to avoid risk of being deleted. Yet we have to stand waiting for 15 minutes?? Why do we still have these timers? Isn't the risk of getting our character deleted enough punishment?
  10. New Servers Unparalleled Success This is the breath of life Ark Multiplayer needs. This fix works. But we need more. My rag server was bad during the easter event. It got an upgrade. Now... it's still bad. Just not as bad. But it crashes every four hours making it unplayable. Which is better than what it was doing before. That is a broken game. However if you look at the new rag pve server despite it being population maxed out it is holding up with NO CRASHES. Guys. Guyyyysz. Dis is da way. We need more wiped servers. The older a server gets the more poopy it goes to until at some point its not even fit for a compost bin. Can we destroy all old servers wiping everything and create new ones? For pve. Pvp don't need it. They clean themselves up with killing each other off. If you do anything for pvp change their gameplay so beach bobs have a chance against mega tribes (hint pvevp three months to build three months to die; wipe, rinse, repeat). Pve servers need new Ragnaroks !!! Many new Rags. Look the new server below is at max I cannot even join:
  11. Off68RagPvE Crash 4hrs exactly before & after fix You would think that Rag pc steam pve official 68 crashing EXACTLY FOUR HOURS APART since before the server fix and after the server fix would give a huge hint as to what the problem is. What is happening every four hours on ragnarok that causes the server to get overly stressed? Exactly every four hours.
  12. Still waiting for Genesis to go on Steam sale. I have medical bills to pay living in the USA with no health/dental insurance. Always for me be frugal. Map sounds exciting. I watched youtubers. Oh well someday I guess I can go over too.
  13. Okay thx. Nice to know I'm still allowed to speak my mind.
  14. Why am I getting a "pending approval" on my forum suggestions? Have you lost your minds? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of suggestions if it run through a moderators opinion first? Then it is not my suggestion but the moderator's suggestion. You took all power out of my hands and gave it to the forum mods. That is not policing. That is infringement of rights. If the moderator does not like my ideas they can kill it before it ever reaches public opinion. This is a communist act.
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