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  1. Fix Crystal Isles Spawners Why is it set so low? There are hardly any wyverns spawning in at all.
  2. I am so sick of loosing wyvern tames by being smashed against the rocks. I am down with this was stupid. Ruins the fun of the game. Like I want to slow harvest bunch of heavy rocks drag them all the way to the beach to try and find a spot. Or use someone else's trap while they're away and get yelled at for it. I really hate the traps in this game. It's fun to ride the wyverns. Til you get smashed against a ---- rock.
  3. One Crafting Station - Blueprint Memorization Not hidden behind a tek tier or boss fites (which I hate). But just an engram purchase reward for high leveling. A crafting station that would memorize any blueprint you put inside it so you could toss the blueprint away after. Have everything you can craft in a neat menu in this advanced crafting station. No more wondering where to craft. No more, "do I make this on my character, in the smithy, in the saddle, in the fabricator???" I'm okay with it having to cost a lot of materials to create. It should. But then it would know everything you can craft including anything your saddles could craft. All there. In one spot. No more running all over trying to remember what machine/saddle crafts what item. But the blueprints you would have to put inside it once then it would forever remember. Memory wiped upon destruction/decay. Memory per station not shared across stations concerning blueprints.
  4. There is a huge portion of CI map that is not getting built on or used. All the around the outer edges. No one will build where there are not wyverns. They are building on top the wyvern spawners. THIS CAUSES A HUGE AMOUNT OF RENDERING LAG WHEN CATCH-RIDING WYVERNS. It causes the wyverns themselves to stop spawning. And there is the area where the Rock Drakes were suppose to be nothing is there it's empty no animals nothing. Not even a tapejara or moth. There needs to be crystal wyvern spawners everywhere on CI map not just in certain spots. Not applicable to the Heirs; regular crystals only. .
  5. https://youtu.be/flofjVztq7Q?t=139 https://youtu.be/M-xdrz1KNqo
  6. Just going to note here that in multiplayer pve official steam-pc crystal isles map this has become a big issue. Chat is filled with upset people over this problem. I agree it is a pvp dynamic that does not belong in pve.
  7. Will there be more dlc / content in future? Adding the dlc maps to official was spot on. And WC devs have been fixing issues. Both appreciated. I happen to love each and every map. They bring something different. Where is Ark going next? Will there be more mods or maps added to official or is this it?
  8. Cloning should be removed. Why was cloning put in this game? What did it hope to improve? Aren't we suppose to be cryo'ing our dinos so the servers run better? Not easily making copies of them in a machine? New players come to this game I expect them to work and level up like the rest of us. Instead they smooze on discord and make great friends with the high level players. Get cloned dinos free. No one is even playing this game in earnest. Join. Make big friends. Get everything they need to fight bosses. Yawn. Get bored. Leave. But come back to reset their decay timers even though they stopped playing ages ago. Wish you would get rid of the boss fights. Get rid of the clone wars. And concentrate on the actual maps. I'm sick of people skipping all content and going for end game. No one plays. They just leap to I've got the biggest milk duds.
  9. No Rock Drakes in the Aberration Zone of CI If you are not going to add Rock Drakes to CI dlc okay fine your choice but it looks barren and hopeless there with nests not filled. It's an eyesore in what should be a beautiful inspiring place. At least put something else in the place of the Drakes to keep the inspiration of that spot.
  10. I'm going to miss the summer event. I've got the best colored creatures but didn't have time so many passed by.
  11. People have built on the spawners causing there to be less wyverns. There is not enough to tame or feed baby wyverns. Please add more spawners all over the map not just in an area. Please make the spawners for the normal crystal wyverns the Heirs are working fine nothing wrong with the Heirs. Please place the spawners in areas that building foundations will either not be attractive or protect the spawners so no one will build on them. Ember, Tropical, and Blood are in need of help. Please listen to me on this matter stop ignoring me like I made this up and you are just fine with how difficult your game is. I am not fabricating this problem for official multiplayer. Just because no one else reported it but me does not mean it isn't a very pressing issue. ...
  12. What day do transfers open up completely for Crystal Isles? Will CI become avail to console players? .
  13. I have a huge update atm. No patch notes covering it. What's going on WC?
  14. I have not had a success yet my wyverns died on me during lag spikes. But I keep trying. There's a glitch/problem where low level wyvern babies, crystal or otherwise, will hit a NEGATIVE FOOD SPIKE that kills them instantly. No chance to heal them. Higher level wyvern youths can survive the spike but they take big damage. Feed wyvern stim berries to control torp after food bar tanks zero. Get as many hogs as you can, at least four, high level. Wild is fine you don't have to breed them. They are insane easy to catch. Level up hogs food stat. Then get about 10-20 refrigerators full of raw meat. Cryopods you will need rest. Don't bother with an owl unless you just happen to have one then you can keep it in standby if something goes terribly wrong. The Warthogs eat to much to keep up with the demand. But you can force feed them. But they glitch STOP PASSIVE HEALING if you are not careful keep watch. Don't mount the warthog seems to set off the glitch to stop passive healz. Keep one hog going. Don't do it all at once. If tired cryo that wyvern take breaks. I have to take three days away from it or I go into a deep depression. Raising babies is insane boring!
  15. OFFICIAL PVE MULTIPLAYER PC STEAM Absolutely no Fire Wyverns at all whatsoever. Only two Blood Wyverns a night. And only six Tropic Wyverns a night/day. Was this done on purpose to stop players from farming primal crystal so no one could raise wyvern babies anymore? I mean I don't farm primal crystal or bother with that. But I was catching some event colored low wyverns to take back to Valguero to ride around on. Now there is nothing to catch. This has been going on for over a week now getting worse. I suspect even the Blood and Tropics will disappear completely soon. The Heirs are doing fine. Plenty of them.
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