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  1. after this new update im not able to transfer using my transmitter i transferred from RAG to ABB for material and got stuck on ABB not being able to transfer anywhere, and im not able to grab anything from dinos inventory, storage, vault, drops, etc., and i keep getting refreshing ark inventory, im not able to play since my inventory is not accessible, please tell me theres a fix to this, i re installed game and it still does the same thing, i even created new player and still nothing worked, here are my videos i recorded for proof.
  2. im having the same issue on the server im on now, i try to travel to another server and it does nothing! im so upset that i can progress with anything, it also will not let me grab items from dinos, storage, transmitters etc., it forces me to literally press the transfer all button just to get what i want, i have a feeling it has to do with the new update, sorry if you thought i had a fix for this glitch just know your not the only one experiencing this, heres the video i put up as proof of what im dealing with on abb:
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