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  1. MackTheKnife

    Official servers for South America

    NA servers already have 50,000 “Tribe of Humano”. We need to build a wal- I MEAN we need to depor-DAMMIT. We need to transfer some of these non NA tribes over to SA servers.
  2. MackTheKnife

    Stop it with the Medium Crop Plots already.

    That’s why I go to Ragnarok and farm the red cave drops in the middle of the desert I have several ascendant blueprints and ascendant premade of fab sniper, giga saddle, pump shotgun, fur armor, etc. My fur armor from those drops has 1300 insulation, I now have a huge base at the -70 Fahrenheit ice lake and I’m not even a snowflake when I go outside lol I have countless ascendant pumps, best is 289 damage %. My asc fab sniper is 312. Having a lvl 91 alt with purely crafting skill points is worth it
  3. MackTheKnife

    Thinking of trying offline raid protection

    I play exclusively ORP because I can’t stand being raided while I’m not even on..turrets and clever base design won’t matter to an undermapper or boat glitched. It still has plenty of raiding and action but the community is definitely more tight. Pretty much any solo is considered a troll, because they are. 2 of them ORP’d their gates on caves, making them invincible. Solo people are just untrustworthy, so make sure to get acquainted before they mistake you as a griefer. If you are..then get out of my sight, you scum I was recruited in the alpha for being a solo guy on a literally unraidable iceberg base. They were impressed and now I’m in charge of collecting taxes We don’t really raid, because of ORP. It’s ALL about knowing when they are on, get inside info. You have to plan a lot more, knowing how many members, when only one of them are on or none, etc. but raiding happens. Lastly, there’s a 15 minute timer after they log off. This is the sweet spot. Of course if you are raiding a large tribe, it will be next to impossible. Between all the insider info, getting tames ready to tank, and blowing up their walls, it’s very easy to waste 15 minutes. They’ll just rebuild and use the ORP to their advantage, to the point you’ll never catch them online ever again. It’s a fun mode though
  4. Had a 250 ice wyvern (Was such a PAIN to acquire the 180 egg) that died to a rock golem. At the time, I had never heard of a golem and the desert was still incomplete in Rag. So after trading for a 230% mastercraft pump BP and ascendant longneck/argy saddle BPs, I decided to take a restroom break after making such a huge trade for my tribe. Then I went AFK and went to the store. I left it there because I lived all the way in NW while I was in SE, so I decided to make a pit stop. I left my wyvern near a rock. The desert area was blocked by a border on official but I got through it. It was a shield so others couldn’t get through. I know a guy who knew another guy that told me how to glitch through.. ANYWAYS, the area was dead and there was nothing but flat desert and a few creatures. Left my wyvern on neutral, because it could defend itself from some insects and mantises. Turns out, that rock wasn’t really a rock. Came back to find my wyvern nowhere in sight. My wyvern died to a 120 rock golem about 40 minutes before I returned. BPs were lost. Got booted out of my tribe because those paranoid freaks thought I was insiding them, keeping the BPs for myself. Lost literally everything and am now a beach bob. I will just wait for fallout 76 to release, done with this game.
  5. Still, no one joins unofficials unless it’s one of those extremely short lasting ones. Even though people CAN be toxic, I still need to interact with players in some way. And your friends list joining the server doesn’t count
  6. I just like high population. I can’t stand being on a x10 server with only 5 people at peak. I need to have at least 50 on a rag map. The only high number unofficial servers are the day-old ones that will be deleted in 12 hours. Might as well be playing SP or having 5 friends watch you play lol
  7. MackTheKnife

    Raising a wyvern by myself?

    Wait..are you sure it’s milk throughout the whole process? I thought once it’s juvenile and up you could feed it meat?
  8. MackTheKnife

    Raising a wyvern by myself?

    Forced to take 10 days off of work because I built up my days too much..so what better solution than to waste those days raising a virtual dragon? Anyways, I am on Ragnarok and pretty close to the trench. I am pretty sure I can handle everything up until raising. Pteranodon grabs eggs and roll out of there, piece of cake. The problem comes to actually raising it. Should I wait until some major holiday to do this, with a x2 breeding? I know you have to have milk in order for it not to die as a baby, but not after the baby stage. I would at least want to TRY imprinting it with milk as much as i can. So what are the rates in which the baby needs milk (let's say, egg above 150)? I heard the high levels have a manageable food stat. But how would I go about knocking one out for its milk every single time I have to feed it? I cannot store it in a fridge apparently. Would a preserving bin be enough to cover the time as a high level food stat? And how would I use a trap to get the milk? I have no idea how to trap one of those things without getting obliterated. I'm just one person, so losing anything would probably just make me quit lol. Could someone tell me how to make a trap for them? I can't trade because my account was comm suspended for 2 weeks..Can't even use the chat. So i'm on my own.
  9. MackTheKnife

    The ONE problem with Small Tribe Servers?!

    I tried PvE and literally could not tame anything, several different servers. So my alternative was a softcore PVP, which is offline raid protection. I am never touching ordinary pvp again because of glitches. Built in a cave, someone killed my tames. The two gates were still completely intact, which means there is no possible way they could have gotten in. The guy's NAME was unde/rmapper420. I never knew you could do that. A few days ago, I had a LOT of supplies made ready for a motorboat. I had a regular raft. Overnight, someone named *insert racial name here* killed my body, and wiped my whole storage clean. He obviously glitched in there, no doors or gates were even scratched, nor ceilings. The weird thing is..None of my storage boxes or smithies were destroyed. I thought they needed to be destroyed to access their bags? Or can they just access the inventory any time on smalltribes? Either way, this made me stop regular pvp and i went to ORP. It's a lot of fun, not as "free" but there are still a decent amount of raids and politics are 10 times more intense, it's definitely a "everyone knows everyone" community. There aren't really any trolls to raid, so it's more of who the server doesn't trust. It kind of eliminates undermapping and mesh glitches because of the offline protection, which activates 15 minutes after you log off. That means you'll always be online when you are raided, so you actually have a chance. All of your stuff is protected. The only true downside is the fact that people can just access your stores if they break in, rendering 50k health vaults completely useless.
  10. Ugh. Another one of those “we are forced do the worst things to survive “ types. People like you are the ones that end up in my cage with handcuffs and a constant supply of food and narcs for my amusement. A 10 person tribe can keep you there for a longgggg time and render your hard-worked lvl 95 character useless..and you’ll be forced to start over as a beach bob. It is just a video game and people use it as an excuse to act out on their sociopathic fantasies. So in return, I get to act out my vigilantism
  11. MackTheKnife

    Raft raided from glitch?

    Well actually I took that one dudes advice and am now playing PvE. This way they can’t destroy or take anything. I always uninstall but usually find another excuse to come back because I realize my other games can’t fill that “grindy objective” feeling. Even if I’m getting glitched this game is the best out of my library. Wait, I just noticed this..if it was smalltribe PvP and all of my stuff was locked, then how did they access it? Nothing was broken. Unless it’s like ORP and everything is unable to be locked..
  12. MackTheKnife

    Raft raided from glitch?

  13. MackTheKnife

    Raft raided from glitch?

    I was on a Ragnarok smalltribes server on Xbox. Farmed metal all night and black pearl nodes for a motorboat. At the time, I had a wooden raft. Smithy 60 slots full of metal ingots, several hundred black pearls stored (this was over the course of a few days, and it's x3). Had a few thousand gasoline as well. Eager to finally build my motorboat, I log in to find out I was killed by *insert racially offensive name here*. I was thinking I had been raided. Oh well. I didn't bother to set up any defenses, I deserved it. Or maybe I should have glitched into a rock Speaking of glitch, my bed was still there. So was my smithy and everything. But all of my stuff had been wiped clean. All of my metal and black pearls, gas..0/75 on both smithies. Even the charcoal on my refining forges were gone. My doors were still intact. The only conclusion i could come to was that some greasy preteen glitched into my raft somehow. I didn't even know you could do this unless you ran into their person on a beach or something. I was stationary in the middle of a lake. Safe to say, I uninstalled the game. I just found it ridiculous that someone could just cheat their way like that. I have been raided left and right, betrayed by tribemates, kicked by leaders, used only as a farming tool, but this was the last straw. You literally cannot defend yourself if people glitch their way into your defenses. This goes for land bases a la undermap.
  14. MackTheKnife

    Ice Wyverns

    How do people get ice wyverns? The temperatures are -60 Fahrenheit or more! I have full ascendant fur that I bought and I’m still freezing. It’s impossible to survive long enough. Or does someone get a ptera/griffin and just swipe the egg really fast? I always kill the surrounding wyverns in other areas but the environment in ice rag is way too dangerous.
  15. MackTheKnife

    ark on xbox is unplayable

    I agree with what the OP is saying. Why the hell aren’t the devs doing anything about the problems that plague our servers? I’ve been dealing with this crap for years and they’ve had plenty of time to fix it. People still dupe, people still barricade theirselves in caves using ORP-invincible gates, people still undermesh, and they still block spawns. No one wants to play fair anymore because others will use cheats against them. I like to play on populated PvE servers. 4 maps in a row, had spawns blocked with huge houses. The doors were locked and everyone told me to “just leave and stop crying “ I mean WHAT THE HELL! Maybe I shouldn’t be trapped in a spawn point where I can’t leave! This is not a joke when this makes the game literally unplayable. Pvp is just the same. A majority of servers I tried had the exact same thing. They told me to break the doors (with my fists?!) and that I should just go play fairytale land PvE. These people are messed in the head. This one tribe had posts dedicated to killing beach spawns. They had one-hit-kill tamed creatures stationed nearby. I tried spawning 10 times and I was killed immediately by a tame every time. I asked why they did it and they explained the system they had in place. Of course I screenshot their confessions and recorded my deaths but I never got any response from devs. Do not set rules if no ones going to enforce them. The funny part is people will get banned from this forum site if they even hint at doing it themselves. Don’t some WC people run this site or just moderators? People are sick. They’d never be this cruel in our society with rules and police, which is why they act like this in a video game. I bet the trolls/griefers would be the serial killers in our world. Good thing we have capital punishment. I play unofficial by myself and it’s so much better