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  1. Hey! We will be streaming again in 30 min (9:00 est.). We are showing off the underground area of the center map! Come and hang out!
  2. Hey guys, We are streaming on our public server. Tonight we will be exploring the cave in the northwest of the Center map.
  3. Hi, We have started a PVE Server using The Center map, that you are all welcome to join. The server settings are 2X XP, 3X Harvest, 4X Tame. Learn everything at level 100. Mods - May Add More Later NPC Bush People - We simply have a handful of NPC's roaming the jungle and temperate mountain areas. You can get loot from them. I also intend to use them for events as well. Structures Plus Platforms Plus Pillars Plus Bore Water Kit Server I.P. Discord:
  4. So I was testing out spectator mode and found a hidden village above the red woods on the center map.
  5. So with the month coming to a close, it is time we discuss what we thought of the game, what we liked, what we would like to see in the future and whether or not we would recommend the game. Thanks everybody for checking us out throughout the month, you da best!
  6. Hello Again! So we did a new ARK: Survival Evolved Let's Play where we failed an attempt on taming an oviraptor.
  7. Hello Again! So we did a new Let's Play Showing off some upgrades to my base and build a dino pen!
  8. Hello Again! So we did a new Let's Play showing off the bases we have around the island, we have started to expand taking over different regions. Also I jump off a cliff, wrestle a sarco and punch a raptor in the face.
  9. Hey! So every month we choose a new game to play and this month we choose ARK: Survival Evolved. We will be streaming and doing let's plays, ending with a discussion about our thoughts of the game. I'll be using this thread to show new videos. Here is the 1st let's play, hope you guys like it!