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  1. Valguero Server I have a server started, looking for more players to join that want to see the endgame and enjoy the maps. Non-toxic people would like to fill the servers and have a pretty good player base on them. Pillaring will be decayed if excessive pillars are placed, Build and use your place but be courteous of other. Everything on the servers will be at set to cut out the overall grind in half and better suit gameplay for people that have a life outside the game. It will still be challenging to keep players interested and not make it too easy . Donations to keep the servers running are helpful and appreciated if you like them and decide to stay. There will be a link on the server page @ nitrado website where the donations are more than welcomed but not mandatory. Currently, the server will be 10 slot server, and depending on how many people join they can be updated to suit more. I hope to see new players and existing veterans join us. Message me on PS network and the server info will be given. Lets keep Arking this ish!!! #ARK #SandboxGameLove #Build#Tame. Playstation name is Fernyv12 message me for more info. Would like a good amount of players on the server to interact with and start a little community. Server will follow offical Server events. Genesis Cluster will be attached once released. Hit me up! ******************This is a PS4 server for consoles************** Server Name: Infinity (PVE) no password unoffical pc session 10 player slot ***************************************************************** XP: x 20 Taming: x8 Harvesting: x8 Egg hatch: x6 Baby Mature speed: x4 Wild dino starve: x2 lay egg interval: 0.2 Dino count: 4.0 Max Dinos Tamed: 500
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