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  1. Thats why use cactus broth without tames,nothing detect you,gasballs no spawn. Alpha rockwell in official,7 players with shotguns and cactus broth
  2. Fijate en battlemetric,ahi vas a ver cuantas veces se cayo el server y cuanto tiempo duro.Yo juego en gen 2 oficial mas de un año y la mayor caida fue por mas de dia y medio
  3. I get some dinos from a decayed base.Breed carchas,find a beautiful green lime male,get some fert eggs.Next day,the carcha die drowned,but some babies get the same color.
  4. Poor kid,its just a game,use the global chat,ask for help and make allies
  5. Like in other posts where newbies cry about cheaters,just fishing
  6. Go and build a wood/stone house in the metal mountain,where gigas/carchas spawn
  7. Im a noob in sotf,but i kill the 3 bosses XD,the best megapithecus with a daeodon tier 1 and a saber tier 2. Use stag or rhino.
  8. Go to whistles groups,and delete the groups,right corner of the page
  9. Just joe When a newbie come to my servers asking for free dinos or fert eggs,go with joe Need a place to build a thatch house,ask for joe Who is the alpha in the server?,joe Wonderful guy
  10. Bad words like player/tribe names [][][][]
  11. Because need Hlna equipped
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